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If you only had one night to live through Paris...

Everything that can be said, written and recorded about Paris has already been done. However, the city never disappoints and despite having seen every inch of the city through photographs, you’ll still have your share of, deep long breaths and ‘wow’ moments.

Due to the magnitude of the things one can do it Paris, the lists tend to be online. But what if you only had one night? Well, Travel to Discover presents to you how to have the best time of your life in Paris over one night...

  • Trocadero

Head to Trocadero Metro station. The view of the Eiffel Tower from this place is the most splendid. The monument will hit you with its grandiose and what’s Paris if you didn’t click a picture around the Eiffel Tower. If you’re hungry there’s an entire street filled with creperies, kebab stalls, fine dining restaurants and open shacks, that continue to give you a view of the structure while you keep munching.

  • La Defence

Walk through Champs Elyesee until you reach the L’Arch De Triumph. The best way to enjoy the night is to begin to cross the road and stop at the divider. You can turn to both ends of the street and feel the wind as cars and motorbike swoosh by in a flash. The lights along the road, leading up to the Arch will stay with you long after you’ve left Paris behind.

  • Pigalle

There’s no better way to keep you awake through the night. Pigalle is home to Paris’s night life and bars stay open all night long. There are also lots of coffee parlours, gaming zones, one large theatre and food joints. Pigalle is also home to the famous Moulin Rouge dance club that often has some of the world’s most popular DJs playing rookie.

Once your night is taken care of and if you still have the time, you can enjoy a fine breakfast, filled with meat, while you conquer your large mug of morning coffee or beer near any of your departure points – All farewell spots including Gare Du Nord, Gare Montparnasse and Charles De Gaule offer a splendid meal.

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