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Will travel Industry return to normalancy ?

Where to start from and where to end or the question to be answered is when will it end? Wave after the wave has struck different countries at different times or Was the world too late to react ? or was it China's fault to not raise the alarm to the world about the virus? or the world ignored the alarm because the leaders of the big dominating countries ignored it? or the WHO didn't have enough data to lead the path for the world declaring it's time to shut borders? Who do we blame for the million lives lost? and the worst part of it all we still have no proof of how the virus spread whether through bats or is it a lab leak?

We all heard the news from different countries of how their medical infrastructure collapsed, countries going in lockdown, opening and again closing. Some countries were struck very hard with the 1st wave and those who weren't 2nd wave made them realized Covid doesn't discriminate in color, age, country, or whoever you are.

The travel industry all around the world which was going through the best of it time in Jan 2020 was suddenly struck when borders started shutting and by March the whole world was shut. Who would have thought the Year which was predicted to be the best for the industry would turn out to be the worst and a year which would never be forgotten.

Indian travel which was gaining momentum after gradually opening up from July-Aug'2020 went totally crazy as the Maldives became new Goa and Goa became the new local town for all the crazy massive travelers

2021 started good and fresh. Good tourism started flowing and when everyone was gearing up for the summer season, news came across of a new Coronavirus variant, and this time India again went into massive lockdown with the extension of week after week. This time it was just deadly with massive deaths all across the country.

After 5 weeks country has started to open with curfew laws in place. Every state with its own set of rules to unlock and enter inside. The vaccination drive is ON and people are getting themselves inoculated, massive shortages of vaccines are getting reported all across major rural areas in India, and also wastages of vaccine. The worst of all is the attacks against doctors and front-line workers.

I guess we have to wait and see how the world with Corona unfolds. In the meantime, the only option is to get inoculated and take all the necessary measures.

Stay fit and Stay Healthy - Hoping for a safer world to travel.


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