Wrangling with oneself through the woods...

A leap of faith…

What will you do if you get to know that at the end of a trek to a place you know nothing about, you may either end up having the best view or the worst view no assurance to whether the trek will be worth the while, will you still go on or give up? Will the dismay of not getting what you expect stop you from the possibility of witnessing a moment which might be one of the best? You can do so in the pursuit of happiness. If you are happy, more happiness will find a way it will always want to go where it will find happiness. What you see in the world that you are surrounded with is an impression of what you feel so attract happiness with happiness. All it takes is a leap of faith and you will see the rainbow waiting for you at the top of a mountain…

Replacing real life with a virtual world...

Gazing at the stars, in the dark cloudy sky can never be replaced with a HD visual of the same, the whimsy of turning through the crisp pages of an old classic can never be replaced with a ‘Kindle’ sure it might be convenient but the charm is lost, the touch of your loved one like a kiss on the forehead can never be replaced with even an hour Skype chat. The feeling of living in the real world is gradually being replaced with that of an online presence. Don’t get me wrong, there are loads of perks too but somehow it is conquering the essence of the real world, the world we live in. Our physical presence is not enough to credit our existence. But riddle me this, will the man in the photograph experience the spirits of the mountain through the virtual world, will he be able to just stand there basking in the glory of nature. He just stood there, praying…So riddle me this again, are we trying too hard to prove our existence through the virtual world rather than just living it…

Where does your happiness lie…

Where does your happiness lie? In the past or the present or perhaps you have something planned for the future, does it lie hidden in the fading dreams of an individual or the unheard snivel of your heart

yearning for a certain individual. Is it concealed within the little memories of the nostalgic juvenile days or is it disguised as an individual you hope to be with. Happiness holds a different definition for different individuals, for a mother it’s her family’s well-being, for a child it can be a new toy but again it depends on an individual’s perspective. The incredible trek to Jogni Falls was one of those moments that makes you realise that happiness can sometimes mean bruised knees, blistered skin, muddy shoes, dirty jeans and a whole lot of body ache as an aftermath. The feeling you get ones you are standing under the piercing cold water getting drenched to your very soul is one of a kind. This particular feeling can never be replaced with any amount of materialism, can it? So whenever you are out there wondering what happiness is to you, think again as life like the sleazy onion will make you cry but as the layers unfold it will definitely give you reasons to induce tears of joy as well… So once again, where does your happiness lie?

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