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Trek to Karnala Fort

"And it was all Green"-- I have been to karnala trek with a group of seventy folks during the month of August ,the weather was appealing as the rain was playning hide and seek all throughout the trek and it was all green all around us, not even a single patch of land without grass.

Trek started early morning with beautiful birds welcoming us in their habitat , where peacock were not ready to close there feathers ,I guess they were also enjoying the weather like we all 70 were.

This karnala fort is right at the outskirts of Bombay city and which is like an half n hour drive from Panvel. We get many buses from Panvel to reach to karnala fort or which is also commonly known by the name of karnala birds sanctuary.

We were told to wear track pants and carry water bottles, cap, and shoes which were compulsory. We all gathered at the entrance.

At the entrance Big board told us about the history of karnala fort. It said in 1670 Shivaji the great warrior conquered it from Portuguese. Fort is made up of two parts. One is pandu’s tower which is on top of fort and has a heigh of 125 ft and made up of basalt pillar. It was used as watch tower.

‘Isn it amazing? Our guards were keeping watch on enemy from height of 1500 ft high?’

Other part was having natural water reservoir, which is full of water through out the year. The scenery was amazing from that point. One can see rajmachi and prabalgad peaks clearly.

The cold breeze was making us feel refreshed,the rain tempted us to enjoy the climate, we couldn't do so as the trek route was very hilly-billy.The steps were made of uneven stones,which were intervened with long creepers and big roots of trees. Most of the times moss and huge stone steps were the big obstacles in maintaining our pace.

One thing I personally felt during the trek that these small things you do like trek gets you to closer to your family people because at some point or the other either they are helping you or you are helping them. The bond between each other becomes strong and you come to know the value of Care and Lovefor each other.

After doing such hectic exercise we were exhausted but who knew after the trek that we would be greeted by local village people selling sweet lime juice."Heaven"-What more do you want? we drank one but couldn't resist and we landed up having 4-5 glasses each.

These small treks tell us "That It becomes so important to come out of your comfort zone and do activities like these which makes you realize "The grass is greener on the other side"--In short Life is made up of small moments and all you got to do is enjoy all the moments coming across your way"


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