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The deepest form of Love is Curiosity 

&  Not all those who wander are lost


A few of the good things to do in this life are to travel, listen to what your heart says, make memories, spread happiness, and never give up.


Travel to discover the website is a gift to the most beautiful person that I met from Zarnesti during my journey in Rennes. She was the one who inspired me to make something beautiful of my travel's in Europe and making a website for the love of travel is the best way to thank her.


The website today has become bigger than travel. It shares stories about meeting new people on the road, having new experiences in life, how it feels to be part of another culture, admiring art, learning and knowing the history of different places, having lifelong memories, photography, video making, and a lot more. The whole idea behind this is to share the journey with everyone and connect with like-minded people.


My journey started in Europe when I had gone to France on Jan,14  as an exchange student from India to study International Business but deep down I already knew that real exchange will only happen when I will travel across Europe. I went ahead with the plan and backpacked for 4 months to a lot of places sometimes solo and sometimes with people from different parts of the world and till today I feel it was the best thing I did.


I have a very big connection with Europe as the journey started from there and after that journey is still one which is taking me to different parts of this beautiful world. I try to capture as much as I can and share it with everyone.


I also do freelance travel planning for people going to Europe and also help people in planning travel all around the globe wherever I can help. We have on-and-off backpack trips to Europe as well under the "Travel to Discover" banner.


I have met so many lovely people while traveling from one city to another with my backpack as if she is my best friend who is always going to be there no matter what happens. I really wish all the good people that I met during my travel from all over the globe "A HAPPY LIFE & SAFE TRAVELS" and I am very happy that you all were part of my journey.!!!


I do believe "Happiness is real when shared" so I have added all my travels, the experiences which I have been through while traveling and the journey is Still ON. High Hopes


Travel to Discover is a story. Hoping you like it.  




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