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The deepest form of Love is Curiosity 

&  Not all those who wander are lost


A few of the good things to do in this life are to travel, listen to what your heart says, make memories, spread happiness, and never give up.


Travel to Discover is no longer merely a company doing travel in Europe, we specialize in tours across Norway, Finland, and Iceland for the Northern Lights, doing very personalized tours for wildlife adventures across Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, and Rwanda, Self-drive tours across Iceland or in Croatia & Montenegro or the beautiful Morocco and Egypt and a lot of other countries.


We are now connected with the best cruise liners for the last continent "Antarctica".We are excited for 2024 of what it holds for us even for the Arctic adventures.

In the Asian market, we are expanding ourselves doing happy tourism in Bhutan, exploring different corners of Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos Thailand, Nepal, and last but not least Japan has been calling us for a long and we can't wait to answer that call.

in 2024 we are also working to have some tours for the Latin American countries as well and open a new door for our work.


We at Travel to Discover offer customized and group tours to Europe, Asia, Africa, and Antarctica varying from backpacking in which you stay in hostels to Luxury tours where you stay in the best hotels. You pick any tour the focus at our end is the experience and offering travelers what they want or what they like.


We because of Travel to Discover have met so many lovely people while traveling from one city to another or through planning their tours or word of mouth. We got so much gratitude for all of them and it gives you a great amount of happiness that we could be part of your journey.


We do believe "Happiness is real when shared" 


Travel to Discover is a journey - Let's Connect




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