An Affair of a Lifetime - Bangalore

It is not easy to forget a city where you have lived for a couple of years. You tend to absorb its colours, the vibes it evokes, start moving with the rhythm of its mundane cycle, becoming a speck in the vein of the heartbeats of the city. My relation with the city of Bengaluru is of the same kind. Spending the three years of my graduate life there, I have celebrated the joys, discovered the beauty and cried away the sorrows of the city. So when the Diwali vacations in my Mumbai life was scheduled, I made a quick plan of travelling to my second home- Namma Bengaluru. My journey started on the 11th of November with my scheduled flight being late by more than half and hour, which only added to

Trek to Karnala Fort

"And it was all Green"-- I have been to karnala trek with a group of seventy folks during the month of August ,the weather was appealing as the rain was playning hide and seek all throughout the trek and it was all green all around us, not even a single patch of land without grass. Trek started early morning with beautiful birds welcoming us in their habitat , where peacock were not ready to close there feathers ,I guess they were also enjoying the weather like we all 70 were. This karnala fort is right at the outskirts of Bombay city and which is like an half n hour drive from Panvel. We get many buses from Panvel to reach to karnala fort or which is also commonly known by the name of karna

Electrifying the Himalayan Villages, Joyfully

Paras Loomba has spent more time with his volunteer friend Jaideep Bansal in the last one year than his family and wife (who he recently married). Paras and Jaideep spend a large amount of time every year in the Himalayas to install solar micro grids in some of India’s most isolated hamlets. Many in India love cold weathers (because they live in a tropical nation and believe colder climates are as romantic as in Bollywood melodramas). But Paras loves inhumanly colder temperatures though he has had the misfortune of living in Gurgaon (near Delhi, one of India’s hottest cities). When you are probably cursing the creation for its cruelty which cracks lips and skin, makes you gasp for breath and

Wish to follow footsteps with you….

Something was special Someone was close Was that love? ....And one more trip to north with girl’s friends. This time it was Udaipur to Jaipur to Agra to Delhi and back to my lovely city Mumbai.I was least interested to go to Agra which is known for Taj Mahal and few people say it's a city of love with all the story behind the Taj but destiny had planned something interesting for me too. What was so different in this trip ? Why after almost two months, I am still missing that trip. Was it a new girl member who is the younger version of mine? Was it different handsome boys? Was it all the hash tags which we created on our trips? Was it the fun we did at Zostel? Was it my dance after which some

5 Reasons Why South Africa should be your next family vacation

Whenever you want to go somewhere, which destination is the first that comes in your mind? You want to spend quality time with your friends or family or with the special ones.One destination which is a solution to all the things going in your mind and for me it is South Africa the place to be..Boom.. where I would like to go again and again.It is diverse and a very beautiful country with varied cultures, intriguing wildlife, stunning scenary and amazing beaches. Travellers can explore everything in a single trip of South Africa but we all know it's impossible.South African wildlife is really amazing, it is very famous. It also has many child friendly and loads of fantastic options for family

City Of Sin

I was on my way for a Strategic Management conference in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia and one of the poorest countries in the European Union. It was December in Paris and the cold for a Mumbai-based, Indian like me was too much to handle. I had exactly 10-days to kill before my program in Slovakia began and I decided to buy a 15-day eurolines pass. Eurolines, a bus service in the EU allowed me to hop from one country to another, as frequently as I wanted for the next fortnight at a meagre cost of 185 Euros. I spent the first 4 days of my journey, including Christmas, in Belgium with my scientist-brother and partied through New Year’s Eve in Alphen a/d Rijn, a small town in The Netherl

An experience of Lifetime-DHARAMSHALA-MCLEODGANJ

My life begins here... But doesn't end here. I still wonder why I from all places I choose Dharamshala as my first travel destination and that too with unknown people,may be because it was randomly planned and on top of that with unknown people .I hadn't done anything like this before in my life Or wait maybe I wanted to know myself better~ Or maybe I found my home between the words.In short It was one of the best decisions of my life..Cheers Dwell in the space of words with a sip of coffee I now started walking when it comes to traveling. This place turned out to be a paradise which I had never imagined I would ever be in my life~ Naddi in Dharamshala. Three girls who met by sheer coinciden

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