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Dubai – A city that has risen up the priority ladder for travel --needs no introduction. A cosmopolitan city, which is now a local international destination for travel, caters to people and population from all walks of life, with diverse interests. The city has defied all odds to be one of the most travelled destination in the recent times. Not only it is famous for its night life but as well as it’s antiquated & modern works, the skyline of Dubai needs no introduction.

Burj Khalifa, the tallest artificial structure in the world, has its home in Dubai. If the skyline is what exhilarates the travelers then on-the-ground structures leave them agape. The Dubai fountains situated on the Burj Khalifa Lake bear the testimony to the surprised expressions.

A visit to Dubai is probably incomplete without the customary Desert Safari. The experience, filled with adventure ,thrill and is invariably memorable.

To experience the picturesque, there is no better place than the Dubai Marina Walk. A stretch of 4 miles, the walkway is one of the best locations to experience a night in Dubai. There are plethora of sites in Dubai which are to be talked about.

So much so that this place may fall well short to talk about everything.

Travelling intra-city is fairly easy, with point to point destinations being covered by local hires. However, for an efficient and cheap travel, nothing beats the local metro.

Dubai can cater to classes as well as masses. What it can’t is satisfy the thirst of travelers as it has so much to offer.

Come & Experience Dubai.

Travel2Discover. Travel2Dubai☺.

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