Every Love Story is beautiful….

Every Love Story is beautiful ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Beautiful is the journey called life, Precious are the moments soaked in love! I discovered myself while getting to know you, Yeah,every love story is beautiful! A meeting to attend , some presentations to be made, a national level conference and I am already late. There is pindrop silence in the conference hall …. A pair of bright eyes , meet mine, I almost trip … thinking why did these bosses decide to hold a meeting in Mumbai? Pune… my hometown would have been a familiar territory. I am still settling …the CEO calls the Pune Team ahead and asks me to step forward and introduce the team. Those eyes are sm

100 km closer to the Meaning of Life

I have seldom heard a train go by and not wished I was on it. – Paul Thoreau Today is Saturday and like every other July evening in Mumbai, it’s pleasant. I don’t see any chai-walla on the sea-face. I satisfy myself with chana-jhorgaram. Couples are snuggled up; few oldies are sitting upright in the yoga positions; some more romantic-but-single men are “appreciating” the beauty around; and people like me are contemplating – trying to solve the mysterious question – meaning of life. I suddenly notice a sound – sound which distinctly stands out among the cacophony of honking all around – the thump of Royal Enfield. Light drizzle and mild breeze often send me back in time. ---- Since last 3 mon


Dubai – A city that has risen up the priority ladder for travel --needs no introduction. A cosmopolitan city, which is now a local international destination for travel, caters to people and population from all walks of life, with diverse interests. The city has defied all odds to be one of the most travelled destination in the recent times. Not only it is famous for its night life but as well as it’s antiquated & modern works, the skyline of Dubai needs no introduction. Burj Khalifa, the tallest artificial structure in the world, has its home in Dubai. If the skyline is what exhilarates the travelers then on-the-ground structures leave them agape. The Dubai fountains situated on the Burj Kha

Wagah Border - Waking up the Comatose Patriotism

“Mummy, how much will an auto take for Wagah?” Prasadda asked his mother. I visited Amritsar for a day. We had already done Golden temple, Jalianwala Bagh and Chole-kulcha,Punjabi Lassi and Wagah border was the only tourist attraction left before I was on my way back to the capital. “300 lagega.” Aunty told us. --- “700 lagega”, autowalla told us. Sheer mismatch in the quoted prices astonished us. We asked three more autowallas rates shuttled between 600 and 800. Prasadda’s American-accented Gurumukhi failed to impress Punjabi drivers. DSLR on my shoulder did little to hide our foreignness. Locals confused national with international. I empathised with every fleeced tourist after agreeing to

At Maharashtra's highest peak - Kalsubai

When you have signed up to do a midnight trek on Sahyadris' highest peak in the state on the night of 31 December, you expect it to be called a Mount Galaxy or Cape Bell's Peak. But it is called Kalsubai, located in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. Once you have survived the adventure of this mountain, you are reminded of what the greatest European laureate William Shakespeare had appropriately exclaimed: 'What's in a name?'. The name Kalsubai is highly deceptive. Or that's my linguistic bias. There is much more to this mountain than what has already been written or spoken about it. From the chaos of Kasara local to the joy of Bari village If your stars are really aligned, then you ma

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