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5 Reasons Why South Africa should be your next family vacation

Whenever you want to go somewhere, which destination is the first that comes in your mind? You want to spend quality time with your friends or family or with the special ones.One destination which is a solution to all the things going in your mind and for me it is South Africa the place to be..Boom.. where I would like to go again and again.It is diverse and a very beautiful country with varied cultures, intriguing wildlife, stunning scenary and amazing beaches. Travellers can explore everything in a single trip of South Africa but we all know it's impossible.South African wildlife is really amazing, it is very famous. It also has many child friendly and loads of fantastic options for family trip. Cape Town and the Garden Route are best places for you to visit. There are many places in South Africa where you will feel it's one travel which should be on every traveler's bucket list.


Beaches, where everyone wants to go once. Peace, fresh air, beach water everything is very attractive to lure travellers. In South Africa, you will find many beaches for enjoyment. You can relax on Umhlanga’s gorgeous golden sand, Hobie Beach’s hotel and casinos

are also very popular. You can also visit Buffels Bay. If you are a lover of swimming than Durban, South Beach is the best place for you.


South Africa is well known for its wildlife. Big five animals you can see at their wildlife sanctuaries, which are elephant, lion, rhino, leopard and buffalo. Over ten thousand elephants and twenty thousand buffaloes are in the Kruger National Park. Apart from this, there are 200 mammal species, blue whale, which can grow to 33 metres in length. South Africa has a large number of wildlife tourists.


Exploring adventurous side of South Africa is I feel is every traveler's dream.A must do I would say should be

Bungee Jumping. Apart from that you have Cycle Tour, Boat trips, Canopy Tours, Hot air ballooning, River rafting, Shark Cage Diving and Paragliding. Thrill with fun is the best combination of a beautiful journey.


The Blue Train is one of the most luxurious trains in the world. It takes 27 hours to visit from Pretoria to Cape Town or in the other direction. This train approximately run 1,600 kilometres. On this train you can not only enjoy bed but bathtubs as well. Each room has its own butler and not to forget there are big cigar lounge and an open bar for people who don't mind have a cocktail onboard.


If you are living in a place, where you are facing dust, pollution and very noisy environment then you should make your way to South Africa because it's totally opposite of it.South Africa’s land is more than 470,000 square miles large, it is far stretched farmland, heavily prepared with lively inner cities and it is full of greenery.

Nitisha-Nits --The Writer


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