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Wish to follow footsteps with you….

Something was special

Someone was close

Was that love?

....And one more trip to north with girl’s friends. This time it was Udaipur to Jaipur to Agra to Delhi and back to my lovely city Mumbai.I was least interested to go to Agra which is known for Taj Mahal and few people say it's a city of love with all the story behind the Taj but destiny had planned something interesting for me too.

What was so different in this trip ? Why after almost two months, I am still missing that trip. Was it a new girl member who is the younger version of mine? Was it different handsome boys? Was it all the hash tags which we created on our trips? Was it the fun we did at Zostel? Was it my dance after which someone got mesmerized? Or was it because my smile became a blush? Or was it “YOU” due to which I am still missing that trip.

My trip started with city of lakes -Udaipur, lovely and peaceful place to be. It’s the place which still holds the culture of Rajasthan in lot of ways.Jaipur was explored too which has lots of forts and historic places to visit. And then came AGRA – the place which I was not in a mood to go.

But fortunately I was there. It’s a must visit place at least for "THE TAJ MAHAL"- one of the Seven Wonders of the World. We were staying at Zostel Agra and when I reached Zostel, as always I was into my own kiddish world. But somewhere someone had an eye on me and I was clueless about it. The 2 day stay in Zostel changed me. Last night in Zostel, why I was bored and it was time for me to have some fun and fun to me is dance. I started dancing which was my passion sometime in my life. Danced got over, it was time to share the number with the half hug and a good bye.

But the story doesn’t end here. It was time to meet again on Christmas, this time in my own home town Mumbai- the city which never sleeps. It was time for me to blush again and thank him for lots of moments in few words.

It was time for me to thank him for giving me all the moments which I had always been waiting for. But like every other story, it was time for me to say good bye again with very little hopes of meeting him again ever in my life. But how does it get any better than this, I met YOU again on my next travel destination GOA- land of beaches, especially with the one you would like to take a walk during sunset ...

After the hardest good bye I was back to my city life , I still wonder… Was it love? Love for what? Love for YOU. Love for my passion –dance, or was it love for traveling? Then I realized, when I met YOU, it was time for me to love myself more. It was time for me to be me again. So everyone who is reading this, start traveling, you never know whom you meet next….


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