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Spain & Portugal trip - 6th Sep'19 - 16th Sep'19

My very first solo international trip to the European continent.

Landed with all excitement in Barcelona, the starting point of meeting all the amazing fellow travelers (Arnab, Indrajit, Ria, Shobhit, Neekita, and of course Naman!) and starting the journey that would eventually become one of the most memorable ones.

To understand the innate fabric of any city, the best way is to explore the city on foot and that is what we did (mostly!). The things I recall -Barcelona: The first view of Placa de Catalunya, the random walk to the random tapas bar, stroll along the marina, Cathedral of Barcelona (the sudden rains!), over-hyped La Rambla street, Sor Rita Bar with undies (used or not no idea ;)) hanging on the ceiling!, exceptional walking tour of the city by @yourguideyiannis, absolutely magnificent La Sagrada Familia, walk to the hidden eatery Bodega La Palma, party scene at the party hostel St Christopher's Inn, fun at Sutton Club and more fun while walking back via the lesbian and gay clubs, a hop-on hop-off bus tour of the city covering almost all the must-visit and the not so must-visit places, random chat with a scarlet woman, failed self-drive plan to Tossa de Mar (Costa Brava) (left side driving to be blamed!), scenic bus drive to Tossa de Mar, scuba dive into the cold and rough Mediterranean Sea, most amazing and pasta dinner at El Nacional…

Granada: Most daunting walk to the Makuto Hostel (realized that very moment why Naman asked us to carry light!!!), bestest hummus something at Sirio while listening to the wartime stories, a bottle of chilled cider and watching the sun disappear at Ermita de San Miguel Alto, full of masala introduction round at the hostel dinner, the 5 hours spent appreciating Alhambra one of the most beautiful and well-preserved palaces i have been to…

Sevilla: Best hostel of the trip La Banda Rooftop, the lipstick kisses on the wall and the seriously expensive horse chariot rides at Real Alcazar of Seville, oh so refreshing local drink rebujito with the view of the canal and Torre del Oro, exhilarating 15000ft sky dive, the money-saving hitchhiking experience, the smell of fresh vanilla-infused bakery products at Sabor an Espana (the smell will surely lure you into buying something every time you pass near this shop!), cannot and should not be missed chocolate con churros at Bar El Comercio (this place gives that amazing local feel), visit to definitely overhyped pub Muelle New York…

Lagos: Full of goodness & love burrito bowl at Beats & Burritos, the random stroll on the beaches, the unforgettable and the most mesmerizing sunset ever witnessed at Ponta da Piedade sitting on the edge of the cliff watching the sun go down literally into the ocean, just the orange sun, the calm ocean, the chilled cider and you (should not be missed), crazy pub crawl and the basement party at Whytes Bar, boat ride to Benagil Caves (what i enjoyed the most was napping all the 3 hours!), lively street performances…

So fascinating never seen before breeds of dogs and lip-smacking pizza slices need to have a special mention!

Right from the first interaction to the final adieu, Naman was just awesome! Hoping for many more exciting trips with Naman and Travel to Discover.

And that’s a wrap to my journey, the memories of which i shall cherish forever!

Puneet Singhvi

Austria Trip Customize - 17th Dec'19 - 3rd Jan'20

Austria is my second backpacking trip with Travel to Discover. I wanted a customized trip because I wished to explore small towns and not just major tourist destinations so I knew Travel to Discover would be a good choice because they specialize in such tours. My tour was for around 20 days & Naman ensured that all the places I had in mind were covered & designed the itinerary accordingly - full marks for planning!!

Coming to the trip, the hotel/hostels they provided were very well located - easy to commute from railway station & in most of them they were centrally located. Apart from that, all the accommodations met my expectations - the hostels had lively atmosphere, friendly staff, served good breakfast. I liked all their accommodation choices.

The internal travel was also very well managed - they booked the trains in such a manner that I could make most of the day once I reach the next destination, but also ensured I did not have a very early start in the cold weather. I had a very memorable vacation and I thank this group for planning it so well for me.

Lastly, I would like to mention that the guidebook they provide had lot of useful information & helped me plan my days better. Also, Naman was available all the time before and during the time I was travelling to provide any assistance I would require. I absolutely


recommend this travel company for backpacking tours, they know what's best! 

Sweta Parekh

Budapest - Prague - Berlin - Amsterdam - 25th Sep'19 - 6th Oct'19

I was on my backpack trip to Europe for 3 weeks, and that's when I thought to merge a part of my schedule with Travel to Discover. I was worried and skeptical of this whole idea of joining random people for this long a span, as I didn't want the bunch to become more of a pile on. It could have possibly killed the idea of a solo travel otherwise. But then I saw an opportunity better than a loss here, so I went ahead with the idea of joining the organizer, Naman and his group, and held on to the fact that I'm going to explore it in my way. Fortunately, being with him only helped me to do it better than otherwise.

We've had much better photos from the trip, but the one I chose to put up here is blur, and it gets you to wonder why this. The reason is that it was from our last spot, last eve together, a candid one, with full of joy and laughter. This was possible for the connect the two backpackers developed, meeting from different parts of the country, one of which made his passion, a profession, and another who keeps finding time for his passion, off his profession. And that's precisely why I appreciate him as an individual, to have followed his dream, and as a professional who never let his group members down.

All I'd recommend is to follow his lead, your time and money both won't get wasted!!

Hrishi Rajesh 

Budapest - Prague - Berlin - Amsterdam - 25th Sep'19 - 6th Oct'19

It was my first backpacker trip and I am glad I chose travel to discover this was one of the most memorable trips and thanks to the group, I made amazing and great friends for life. Special thanks to Naman who constantly kept the group together and organised. He has great knowledge about the places to go on our own and where to go eat an chill. I will recommend travel to discover so that you also have a wonderful trip for lifetime. Looking forward to more trip with travel to discover.

Inderjeet Yadav

Budapest - Prague - Berlin - Amsterdam - 25th Sep'19 - 6th Oct'19

For me, the idea of vacation has always been relaxing in a nice resort or a hotel! But this was my first backpack kind of a trip and all thanks to Naman he made it look even more exciting and adventurous. My perception of vacation has changed a bit. I have certainly realized how important is it to travel and to discover!

Met some amazing people who made trip more exciting and fun ! Naman was not only a good guide but more like a friend who is well-traveled and made our trip more enjoyable! As we never had any doubts in what we are going to see.
Stay was excellent as we were all staying in the heart of every city!
Overall had an excellent experience! Thanks Again @traveltodiscover

Pankaj Londhe

Spain & Portugal trip - 6th Sep'19 - 16th Sep'19

Naman is a great guy to be with and the trip is especially curated to occupy you with a sense of freedom. The itinerary already includes the best places to visit, and to your surprise, he will come up with great places to eat every day. The hostels(which are great) are mostly at the city center, keeping every street into scope. All the five cities have a different aura attached to them so the trip feels fresh even in Lisbon.

Personal experience — From the stargazing on hills of Granada to the riverside clubs of Sevilla, there’s a lot of things happening that aren’t on the itinerary. These cities have historical importance and modern culture. Those calm streets were such a treat to your eyes. Get your earpiece on and you can walk all night. Then there is music everywhere, either someone is playing it or it’s just the breeze. We were 3 ppl for the Scuba diving, so had my ‘Dil dhadakne do ’ moment. I cried while entering the Camp Nou.

I have had many solo trips before, so I know this for sure - You can travel alone but to make stories you need people, fortunately, I had some. So I came back with memories, stories, moments and gags.

Shobhit Srivastava

Budapest - Prague - Berlin - Amsterdam - 25th Sep'19 - 6th Oct'19

This was my first solo backpack trip and I am glad that I decided to do this with Naman and Travel to Discover...the entire trip was meticulously planned by him..Naman assisted me right from planning the best itinerary to getting the documents ready for Visa, guided as to how to go about with Forex, what all to pack for the trip etc..Would really like to appreciate that he handled all my queries very patiently...

The trip started with a lot of fun and so many happy moments with all the others whom I met for the first time on the trip. The accommodations in all the cities - Budapest, Prague, Berlin, and Amsterdam were centrally located which made it easier for us to explore the places really well..Naman ensured that all of us were having fun and were comfortable..This was for sure the most memorable vacation of my life, where I met new people, had great conversations with them, explored places, partied together and had loads of fun...

All thanks to Naman for planning and being a part of the trip..which has given me such good and nostalgic memories.
Always keep your passion and energy for travel alive.
Looking forward to more trips with Travel to Discover.

Supriya Pande

Budapest - Prague - Berlin - Amsterdam - 25th Sep'19 - 6th Oct'19

Big Thanksa to Naman, a wonderful person who ensured everybody enjoyed to the fullest!

For me, traveling is not just about exploring beautiful locations, clicking pictures and having great food and fun. Its also about meeting new people, experiencing different cultures and widening the perspective.

I am very happy that Budapest- Prague- Berlin- Amsterdam travel had a perfect combination of both as our itinerary was designed in such a way that we chose to stay with the group yet had time to explore the places of our interest individually.

Naman focussed that each of us TRAVEL TO DISCOVER the places, people and culture to make beautiful memories rather just having a guided tour!

Keep up the great work, Man👍👍
Planning more trips ahead.😊☺️

Priyanka Asati 

SPAIN & PORTUGL TRIP - 6th Sep'19 - 16th Sep'19

Naman absolutely lives up to the name - Travel to Discover. And discover we did. I got in touch with Naman last year for the Amsterdam trip but it didn't pan out the way I thought it would (shout out to the guys at Netherlands embassy), but I was super impressed by the way he planned and organized the whole trip and was supportive when it didn't work out.

So I decided to join the Spain & Portugal trip this year and, my, what a joy ride it was. From the glitz and glamour of Barcelona to the relaxed vibe of Lisbon and all the experiences in between, the whole itinerary was just on spot and included everything for everybody.

I'd remember the whole mock argument while walking around Alhambra, the sunsets of Granada (i think all 12 sunsets were quite unforgettable), the crazy pub crawls in Lagos, the walking tour of Barcelona (Tibidabo was literally a high point), the Bollywood dancing in Seville, every single place left an indelible memory in my mind.

I met so many people, made so many memories, became part of so many conversations and made so many new friends and just discovered for the first time what traveling really meant.

Thanks for making my first Eurotrip so much fun.

Just keep doing what are you are doing man!

Indrajit Palit

SPAIN & PORTUGL TRIP - 6th Sep'19 - 16th Sep'19

The Spain and Portugal trip would be etched in my heart forever. To be honest, at first I was a bit skeptical about this being my first solo trip. But thanks to travel to discover this trip was more than what I expected. In true sense, Naman guided us to certain points besides the usual touristy ones which I doubt would have been possible otherwise. Looking forward to many more amazing trips with Naman and co.


Arnab Sinha


This has been my first experience of having someone professional in the field to plan my trip, for obvious reasonsI, it was a vacation of lifetime - being Iceland. I was recommended by a friend to connect with Naman, and am glad I did that . Was very impressed with his patience and response time on numerous questions & requests. Thanks Naman, and you made full justice to the decision of I having to engage you on planning this for us ! Absolutely 5/5 - No second doubt on that ! 🍻 Thanks again and will certainly be looking forward to your expertise for other trips I plan for

Deepak Panchariya


Naman is passionate about travel and very patient with the multiple rounds to iron out the perfect travel itinerary. We just did an Iceland road trip planned by him and it was super fun!! Many more trips to come with Naman’s help. Cheers

Vikas Khadloya

Budapest, Prague, Berlin and Amsterdam- July/August 2019

It all started in March 2019 when I finally decided to plan my first backpack trip and one of my friends suggested Travel to Discover. After spending some time exploring their website, I picked this amazing tour planned with the perfect time to be in Amsterdam during the PRIDE week.

I had a word with Naman regarding this trip and got all my questions answered. Initially, I was scared to travel alone as it was my first but after having a conversation with him, I was pretty much convinced and confident to go ahead with this. From flight bookings, queries/assistance to accommodation to safety concerns (I wanted female dorms) each and everything was taken care off.

Everything was super sorted from the very first day when I signed for the trip. Timely updates through calls, emails, WhatsApp were given, getting VISA assistance, customization of the itinerary, travel hacks, packing tips and the list goes on and on. It was amazingly planned. KUDOS to you Naman, all your efforts are worth.

A WhatsApp group was made a week before the trip started for smooth transition and communication which helped a lot all the way. Naman, your dedication towards your work is unbeatable as you were always on your toes to ensure we have not stuck anywhere, if we needed any kind of help, no matter if it is 2 AM at your local time.

I must say each stop was perfectly planned with the no. of days, touristy attractions were covered, Internal transfers were well managed and helped save a lot of time.

I just cannot thank you enough Naman for making this trip a beautiful chapter in my life, it would not have been possible without your help. Great work. You rock buddy.

Travel to Discover highly recommended. 😊



Sakshi Dhingra

Budapest, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, London & Paris - July/August 2019

Budapest, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, London & Paris - July/August 2019

Kia ora,

My name is Kiran a Kiwi from Auckland New Zealand but truly a Mumbai Indian.
This all began with my desire to travel to Europe, this wasn't my first solo backpacking trip but I was very excited about it.
I have been traveling since an early age in groups, with family and friends. I would like to believe that I understand the dynamics of such tours or maybe? While I was in Auckland I came across an ad of Travel to Discover on FB. I went through their trip plans, photos, websites, etc.

TTD travel plans/itinerary had good gist of the tour including dates, travel plans, costing, inclusions, exclusions, etc. Finally, in April I called TTD and spoke to Naman, this young lad was very friendly, helpful yet professional and from there on we started communicating via emails, text, and calls. After a couple of calls with Naman, I felt comfortable and thought of giving it a go. Apart from Budapest, Prague, Berlin, and Amsterdam I wanted to add a couple of other cities/country, seamlessly Naman helped me add London & Paris and provided me a revised quote. A few days later I booked the trip and was on board. Naman suggested me few airlines and helped me with booking info but before that most of my hostels and other bookings were promptly done by Naman and emailed me all the booking confirmation. There wasn't any latency in this process. Naman advised me on insurance, forex card, sim card, how much cash to be carried, etc. which was really helpful. I carried cash, International debit card, and jio international roaming plan. Naman also helped me with London and Paris travel plan and after a few days everything was arranged/organized from both ends. Closer to the travel day Naman also arranged a call with other fellow travelers and patiently answered our queries and walked us through the travel plan etc. Whatsapp group helped stay in touch with fellow travelers and Naman throughout the tour. The only suggestion I think worth mentioning is if any hop on / off or site seeing attractions are NOT just booked under one person’s name where it increases the dependency on that person to avail entry when his or her presence is required. As any business model should be open to change as change is constant. I always believe if you don’t ask you may not get it hence please explore more hostel options as there is always a room for improvement.

Overall the trip was great, I think TTD has put a lot of effort, time and material to prepare the travel plans. Naman was very helpful, patient and professional hence will not hesitate to recommend TTD.

Until next travel plan haera ra.


Sweet As

Kiran C'Kar

Prague - Budapest - Croatia - Customized trip - 5th July'19 - 15th July'19

we would definitely like to recommend TTD, planning was great right from dates of travel, to stay places, and overall time management....we always used agents for a visa but Naman helped us do it on our own and the entire process was smooth,
the guidebook was so detailed that a person can manage even without the GPS, places to eat drink and party were the best at every place, he was always available on WhatsApp and the responses were prompt and precise,
we are defiantly doing it again....all the best and keep up the good work

Varun Gupta

Customized trip to Amsterdam - Paris - Barcelona | Dates - 22nd June'19 - 30th June'19

Ohhkk so i was following this page from some time, checking their itineraries and never been able to decide. I came with my list of cities and contacted Naman to have a look if it seems feasible or not and I guess within 3 days we were able to come up with an itinerary of Amsterdam-Paris-Barcelona for 9 days.

Initially, I'm having fear of traveling alone but Naman did convince me that it will be a great experience. I booked the flights immediately and within the same day, all hostel, trains and flight bookings in Europe have been done by him. After that, he did assist a lot in deciding the places to explore, all visa documentation part in details since it was my first time. He was really helpful in providing a response to all my queries despite how weird they were. He helped me in getting a sim too and was always there for any assistance before the trip. He did provide a detailed guidebook for the tour based on my itinerary which was very very helpful and in the entire trip he was available to talk/recommend/help for anything.

The hostel bookings were all in the best locations, well connected to the neighborhood with best peoples around.I literally had the best 9 days of my life traveling solo, connecting with various peoples around the globe over coffee/beer, sharing experiences and exploring things our own way. I never knew I would be able to go solo and that too in Europe and many thanks to Naman for encouraging me and being there throughout for any help.

So I will definitely suggest to get in contact with the group for any of our travel plans, be it their itinerary or your customized plan, just connect with them and definitely you will get a good deal and best possible service and experience.


Many Cheers,

Himanshu Rathore

Bhutan Trip Customize - 27th May'19 - 3rd June'19

I really want to thank travel to discover for organizing our Bhutan trip.everything was so well organized that we didn't bother for anything the Hotels, Food, Permit, Guide, Car Facility was so well managed it was simply awesome.
Am looking forward to the next trip and every trip will be made by you only.
whatever you are doing its excellent in your field.
great going 
All the best for your future.

Nidhi Jain

Budapest - Prague - Berlin - Amsterdam - April'2019

I have been with travel to discovered at Budapest-Prague-Berlin-Amsterdam and naman has treated me like his brother.
This was my first Solo trip and
He has helped me for my visa documents, shared resources to carry while traveling.
Helping with currency exchange rates.
Choices of the hostels, local stores, street food, etc were good.
Co travellers were supportive and friendly.
His suggestions for night club and pub crawl were fantastic.
There are lot of memories and great time with all the travelers,
Thank you for beautiful memories ❤️
Hope you grow stronger!

Siddharth Awatramani

Budapest - Prague - Berlin - Amsterdam - April'2019

Had the most amazing and crazy time with the group. It was a well-organized trip, with team leader Naman always helping out and answering all our queries. Knew the best party spot and drinking places. Some places sightseeing was less, however, u have a free day to explore the places. Please do your research well in advance with regards to what you want to do and what u want to explore so that you utilize the free day to the maximum. Overall I am back with good memories

Juhi Roy

Budapest - Prague - Berlin - Amsterdam - April'2019

I went to Budapest- Prague- Berlin- Amsterdam in April 2019, I had a very memorable journey, cherished every moment of my trip. Naman right from the beginning helped me in booking accommodation at the perfect spot, train and bus travel and guided properly to get my first Schengen visa, maybe need to take care of museum entry tickets next time, since it was full even a month before, other than that I was completely satisfied. with travel to discover you have so much freedom to do whatever you want because you get little of a guided tour and more tips to get ourselves committed for the whole stay. personally,


I like to go with the flow which is possible with TTD especially in free days. I met many people and made many friends mainly my co-travelers, all of them were like let's have complete fun in Europe, we had very little sleep since we were partying all night. I would recommend travel to discover people who would like to explore the world within budget and have maximum fun.

Samuel Beno

Budapest - Prague - Berlin - Amsterdam - April'2019

Went on a trip this year in April 2019 to budapest - prague-berlin and amsterdam with travel to discover .Naman the organizer was very helpful from the start of deciding which trip to take, visa process and till the end of the trip. Very well organized trip and full of fun . Trip includes more of leisure , party and chill scenes. Which is the best part of the trip .But apart from that need more work on the areas to be explored and good amount of information of the same . Alsoshould include some parts which are worth seeing and for which pass or entry ticket is needed should be planned well in advance rather then keeping it for the last call of the tripper .

Overall it was a great and amazing backpacking trip experience , Great trip, Great co-travellers , Trip leader naman was good and had an amazing trip with full of memories...!! Cheers!! Keep up the good work naman!!

Akshata Vaishnav

Amsterdam - Brussels - Paris - April'19

I had gone to Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris via Travel to discover , and it was very well organised trip , nicely planned and all the hostel that were booked were fantastic, and friendly . I had a one memorable time of my life . And definitely would suggest others to book via TTD. And I myself would go for other trips with travel to discover.

Pratik Goswami‎ 

Backpack Finland - Helsinki - Yllas - Rovaniemi - March'19

A fantastic trip to Finland, well organized. Naman was very helpful and approachable during the complete trip, starting from visa documentation to the end of the trip.

Thank you Naman!
The accommodations chosen were nice and the guidebook was detailed and really useful. Also being on a solo trip allowed me to go around on my own pace.

Highly recommended company to help you arrange your trip.


Nandini Prabhudesai


Amsterdam - Prague - Croatia - March'19

Moments like this make life worth living. Once the travel bug bites you there is no known Antidote. And I know I shall be happily infected until the end of my life.


Amsterdam- Prague- Croatia, what a beautiful journey it has been 🖤

From being all petrified on the first day, cause solo, to not wanting to come back home, this has been the most life changing experience of my life. Yes, this is my first time abroad and traveling solo was just a cherry on the cake.

As you travel solo, being totally responsible for yourself, you will discover just how capable and brave you are.

Travel To Discover has been the best trip, planner. Naman really did a great job in planning my trip and helping me have a blast during my journey. Naman was really helpful with all the updates even during the journey. Especially, the customized guide book provided was so helpful. Also, the trip planned was so budget friendly! Great arrangements, beautiful hostels and what more could I ask for? 

Cheers to Naman for planning this trip and making this, the best trip of my life. Looking forward to more trips and discovering new places planned by you. Thank you so much again. This trip has really been special to me 💃💃

Go Solo, Go Far

Deepali Diddee

Backpack Finland - Chasing Northern Lights - Dates - 18th Dec'18 - 31st Dec'18

I booked a tour with Travel to Discover to Finland during the second half of December 2018 for 15 days & I am really happy with the way my trip was planned. Naman recommended the best and unique destinations, small towns in Lapland like Yllas and Ivalo & I am glad I finalized them which accounted for an experience of a lifetime! All the accommodations were amazingly good & very well located. Considering the fact it was the peak season of Christmas & New Years Eve I was happy with the cost of the package as well - I found it reasonable. 
Naman was available to address any questions or concerns I might have throughout - from the time I booked the trip till the trip began. Bonus points for that! He also shared a detailed trip plan which recommended what can be done in which destination & which activities can be booked and from which agency. Lastly and most importantly, if you are planning the trip during Northern lights season, Naman plans it with one of the best tour companies in Rovaniemi for Northern lights chase who will plan the trip only if there is a chance of spotting the lights, which shows their passion for spotting the lights & shows that they are not just into this for money making & yes, I did spot the lights with this agency

Sweta Parekh

Noway - Chasing Northern Lights + Barcelona - Dates - 27th Nov'18 - 8th Dec'18

We visited Norway and Barcelona in Dec 2018. Naman planned our entire trip and did all the bookings for our internal commute and stay. All the hotels were in prime location! Overall our trip went very smoothly and we followed the detailed itinerary (provided by Naman) which was excellent. Naman was very helpful throughout the entire planning process and during the trip

Swati Shah

Norway - Chasing the Northern Lights - Nov'18

We contacted him for the guide book farely very close to our trip to Norway (northern lights). The guide book was very much in detail, appreciate the details like costs of public transportation, places to skip( nobody usually mentions it), he also gave us a fare deal with few hostels and northern lights chasers. Just a recommendation would be may be you with your experience can check the weather n give an heads up for first timers like me who might forget to check it. Over all it was a great trip and you checking in on was also helpful. Have already been giving your reference to the ppl who ask me for the trip details

Yashashri Naik

Budapest - Prague - Berlin - Amsterdam - 3rd Oct'18 - 13th Oct'18

I got to know about Naman from my cousin who went on to Budapest-Prague-Berlin-Amsterdam trip in nay this year and post his feedback I wanted to go on the trip. So I just give him a call and booked the trip. I've been to various countries and have stayed in luxurious hotels and have never thought that hostels can be a much more fun. So my 1st backpackers trip started.


The detailed trip plan helps you in reaching your hostels and destinations easily. An hour by hour planning helps me to explore each and every place of all the locations. Weather it is monuments, coffee shops, restaurants, bars all the details were there. And Naman was just there for you.. just a call or WhatsApp away


Walking tours, pub crawl was amazing and I've never felt like being bored. Living in hostels will help you to be extrovert and make new friends. Naman thanks for the trip man and am in for Spain and Portugal trip man. kudos and thanks to Travel to Discover.

Saurabh Jaipuria

Prague - Budapest - Croatia trip - 17th Sep'18 - 27th Sep'18

Me and my wife travelled to Prague, Budapest and Croatia with Travel to Discover a few weeks back. It was an awesome experience and we are really thankful to Naman of Travel to Discover for making it smooth and memorable for us through their guidance. I would like to walk anyone reading this through our experience with Travel to Discover in detail.


I had come across Travel to discover a few months back and was quite impressed by the itenaries they had for all of the trips. I and my Wife were planning a Euro trip for a long time. Once we were sure of the days when we could travel I got in touch with Naman. It has been really great to talk to him right from our first conversation and we connected well. We were not able to travel on dates of the set trip so Naman had to customize it for us as per our travel dates. He was patient through all of our queries and helped us select the destination with our budget and destination expectations.


Since it was just me and my wife traveling we wanted to have private stays instead of sharing hostel ones. Based on our budget Naman shortlisted some Airbnb options at each of the selected cities for us to choose. Once that was done he gave us options for inter city travel. Next step: he guided us through required documents for visa and helped us compile it all with well drafted detailed cover letters, internal travel receipts etc.

Naman provided us with a of daily must do's with options, hidden gems to see, restaurants to try. It also had detailed info on getting between places in the city, directions to our Airbnb's and intercity travel bus/train departures. This really came in handy once there and we could plan our daily itenaries accordingly. The is one of the best things you get on the trip to make it really smooth. Naman customized it for us as per our interests on food, pubs, places to see and accommodation location.
Naman made it a point to always be in touch before the start of trip and once we were in Europe too, asking us updates and in case we need any help. He was was always reachable and available to help us with silliest of our queries at any time.Naman made it a point to always be in touch before the start ofguide book
guide book which had a list


Once there I realized the Airbnb locations he helped us select were just perfect in terms of locations, the hosts and their reviews. It made moving around the destinations so easy with almost everything walking distance or easily accessible via public transport. 

I think we really had an amazing trip, smooth and full of happy memories. We were able to tick off almost everything on ourbucketlist of expectations from this trip and we're actually able to manage it well within the budget thanks to Travel to Discover.


I would recommend Travel to Discover to anyone looking for an awesome trip, It is truly an amazing experience, be it by yourself, with your buddies or partner. There are many more things I can add on but I guess it's your 'Travel to Discover' experience you need to create yourself.


Hrishikesh Rane

Backpack Budapest - Prague - Berlin - Amsterdam - 23rd Aug'18 - 2nd Sep'18

Thanks, Naman for organizing an awesome trip for me. It was my first solo euro trip and I had some apprehensions in the beginning but Naman assured me and took care of everything right from planning, itinerary, visa assistance, bookings, and the wonderful guidebook. Naman was really approachable and patiently replied to all my queries. He was constantly in touch with me throughout the trip. I am surely going to recommend Travel to Discover to my friends


Sahil Saini

London & Scotland trip - 3rd Aug'18 - 14th Aug'18

Thanks, Naman for organizing such a beautiful trip to Scotland and London. The places you chose for me to stay were centrally located and easily accessible. And you planned the trip according to my requests while giving your valuable advice and inputs making it even more perfect. Everything was so nicely organized, the guidebook took care of everything, starting from the moment I stepped down at Heathrow airport to the moment I took the plane back home. Thanks again for helping me out. You have been wonderful. Cheers.

Shuchita Sharma

Backpack Trip - Budapest - Prague - Berlin - Amsterdam | Dates -18th April'18 - 28th April'18