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An experience of Lifetime-DHARAMSHALA-MCLEODGANJ

My life begins here...

But doesn't end here.

I still wonder why I from all places I choose Dharamshala as my first travel destination and that too with unknown people,may be because it was randomly planned and on top of that with unknown people .I hadn't done anything like this before in my life Or wait maybe I wanted to know myself better~ Or maybe I found my home between the words.In short It was one of the best decisions of my life..Cheers

Dwell in the space of words with a sip of coffee I now started walking when it comes to traveling.

This place turned out to be a paradise which I had never imagined I would ever be in my life~ Naddi in Dharamshala.

Three girls who met by sheer coincidence went as strangersand came back as friends. We Were scared, confused,nervous and at the same time excited too beause it was our first girls trip.But All instictive decisions come with some amazing gifts ,We got a chance to meet and too very unexpectedly - Dalai Lama.We felt really Lucky.

Dharamshala apart from magical views of hills is also more for food, cafes and the coffees which I feel I still miss the most.I would suggest everyone to try the local Tibetean food which is famous around McLeod.Try it after all you are out to explore.We being all girls and our first trip to an unknown place ,We felt completely safe.

Lot of experiences came along the trip like interacting with monks, visiting beautiful monasteries, exploring Bhagsunag water falls which I feel is an amazing place to meet lot of travelers.

Though I as a traveler have just started exploring but no doubts it was one of my most peaceful and memorable trips. In fact, the feeling was so pure because whatever I was experiencing was so beautiful which i had never imagined tears of joy rolled and I laughed like a child. I still wonder what was there in that place.I still do,that place made me realized that it is so important to travel ---Travel gives you a meaning to Live & Breathe.

In this very first trip of mine I felt so close to universe, so close to nature ,trees ,mountains It changed me from Inside.

I will always remember this trip and will cherish all the moments for life and on a personnal note suggest everyone to go to Dharamshala & Mcleodganj ..above all start travelling.

So what are you waiting for? Start living - Start traveling. Dream of crawling and you will start walking like a traveler.

Jasmine K

~love & Light~


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