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Shillong – When Life Calls – Answer the Call -Dates 27,28,29 Aug

A short backpacking trip to one of the most beautiful places in India - Shillong , Cherrapunji & Mawlynnong in the state of Meghalaya in North East India.

Itinerary - Guwahati >> Shillong >> Lower Cherrapunji (Sohra) >> Mawlynnong (East Khasi Hills ) >> Guwahati 


Day 0 : 26th Aug : Evening get together in Guwahati 

Day 1 : 27th Aug >> Drive from Guwahati to Lower Cherrapunji with stop in Shillong

  • The trip starts with a beautiful drive from the Guwahati city to Lower Cherrapunji with stop in Shillong . Roughly around 4-5 hrs. 

  • Lunch in Shillong and explore the city 

  • Evening drive down to Lower Cherrapunji

  • Base : By the Way Hostel , Lower Cherrapunji - It's a Backpack hostel expect nothing fancy .

  • Night music and little drinks


Day 2 : Aug 28th 


  • Day starts early with a trek to the double root bridge in Nongriat village

  • Later Explore waterfalls - Seven sisters , Nohkalikai Falls .

  • Evening drive to  Mawlynnong -“the cleanest village in Asia “ -  also known as " God's own Garden 

  • Night music and little drinks


Day 3 : Aug 29th  


  • Explore the beautiful villages with early morning trek to the 85 ft viewing point to see the Bangladesh plains 

  • Later explore the village natural water streams and enjoying village food. 

  •  After Lunch Drive to Guwahati accordingly to flight .

  • The beautiful travel comes to an end.

Things to Note :

  • This is a tentative itinearary and can change according to situation . As we are going in th monsoon season so expect lot of plan changes according to weather and delays.

  • Trip is from Guwahati to Guwahati . Everyone is welcomed and all arrangemets will be made. 

  • Expect nothing fancy - this is a beautiful adventure travel.

  • Travel cost roughly around 5k from Guwahati to Guwahati includes everything. 

Cherrapunji & Mawlynnong

 "The journey which was never mine and when It became I never imagined I will walk alone"

Today I write after a very long time looking back on one of my very sweet memory which took me very close to nature and Khasi people of India. World is so beautifully divided and so are the people. The best part of this travel was I became part of very different culture and people. 

Life is made up of small moments like these,when you share few moments with people whom you don't know at all but still they in that moment they become more than family and that's what stays with you.I went alone and came back making a family & friends for life in this part of the very beautiful world which belongs to everyone and where people are waiting to share it with you willing you ready to go and meet them.

Travel to khasi land was never a dream.It just came naturally to me. I followed my heart and in return Life just taught me a very good lesson - "How important it is to enjoy Life even when you are not with the person who is the reason behind this Journey"  

Where Should I start from - Let's start with

Cherrapunji - a small town in East Khasi hills where everyone knows everyone and who looks after each other like a family.A small place but with a very big heart.A day was enough for me but I had already lost half of my day in reaching Cherrapunji from Guwahati where luckily I got a chance to stay with a Jain family #AdityaJain,  the great part was my travel started with wishes from a family and emotional part was his mother treated me like my own mother. The family treated me with dinner and I missed my family and my own home in that moment so much , because I know when people come to my house how my family takes care of them - only if words could speak. 

Journey goes on and mine started with a 10 km hike to " Noh Ka Likai falls" and in between I met the very beautiful people of Cherrapunji - walking , laughing , talking , clicking and in all of this time went by and I was back to my base #By_The_Way hostel only to experience a breathtaking sunset with couple of beers with my newly made friends from Cherrapunji.I did not felt that I am knew to this place , its just that I was coming their for 1st time and in evening I got a chance to meet another backpacker travelling across India for 4 years on and off and the crazy part was he has even backpacked in my home city Meerut - I was really amazed - and felt really happy about it.

Life was waiting for another very beautiful surprise for me and that was " Nongriat Village" situated deep in thick Khasi forests and to reach the village you need to go through steep 3500 stairs but whatever you witness during this time is just pure nature.I was guided by Raju who shifted to this village 15 years ago when he married his wife from this village and according to Khasi tradition when you marry the youngest daughter you need to go and stay at women's house.

Raju very proudly showed me his village and I like a child kept on asking him questions to know more about this beautiful world. He kept answering and in this process we made a bond of known strangers and later he gave me a tour of whole village and took me to the very natural "Double decker root bridge" which in itself is a very beautiful creation by mankind. We swam in village waterfall fearlessly , ate fruits and he also introduced me to his whole family. This village shows you the very natural way of living and I am happy they Live a very peaceful life. A school , small medical center , water , food and they have a plan for everything.In short they have everything.It is so important to protect places like these in today's world and they have a plan for that as well.

Next stop was Mawlynnong and journey was long and was taking me to my new family and friend. I was staying at Ricky house - A true friend I must say.We ate , we swam in waterfall , he introduced me to the local rice beer and later gave me round of village and also hugged me as it was a special day for me and also gave me his phone to make a special call to Romania , after which night just went sad and ended. Happiness came to a still , tears came out and village people sat around after listening my journey, consoled me and gave me strength to not lose hope in life and look at the brighter side of Life and we all went off home with a sweet drink challenging life as if we all will defeat it , But deep down I knew  my reasons of being with them and whatever I got from them I had already captured in my heart like a beautiful memory and when the whole village was sleeping I had already left for my way back home bidding goodbye to good-life.

Trip was not over as a little surprise was waiting for me - I checked into Dylan Cafe in Shillong for lunch where I luckily met a fellow backpacker Vatsala from Shillong and during our few minutes of conversation , she planted a beautiful surprise for me and that was cake cutting ceremony - Yes , it was " Happy Birthday" - Smiles , Joy , Happiness , Cake  and above all memories. Thanks Dylan Cafe , Shillong

Some travels are planned by God all you gotta do is just go and rest he will take care of you. This was one of those. 

Kublien Shibun / Thank you very much - Aditya , Vignesh , Herpit ( By The Way hostel) , Raju , Ricky , Vatsala , Shillong , Cherrapunji and above all Khasi people. May God bless all . Cheers 

"Happiness is real when Shared - Coming back to Life"

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