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Alpine Soul Camping , Sattal , Uttarakhand

  • Info - Alpine Soul Camping Site established in 2018 is located in a small village which is know by the name of Patunia village. it's in the middle of the forest where many species of birds and wild animals are found and the beautiful Sattal lake is situated at a distance of 200 meters from here..

  • Staying at Alpine soul give you the experience of staying in the wild  in which you experience nature in its truest form.

  • There are also 200+ species of foot birds kalij pheasant, emerald dove, gray headed canary flycatcher, verditer flycatcher, jungle myna, rufous sibia, red vented bulbul, black headed jay, common green magpie others.

  • Resort Location: Sattal, Uttarakhand

  • Stay type: Camping


  • Stay in Cottages as per availability 

  • Distance from Delhi: 330 Km by drive

Alpine Soul Camps
Alpine Soul Camps
Sattal Lake
Kayaking in Lake
Meditation Space
Dinner Hangout

Picture Credits - Alpine Soul , Sattal

8 Reasons to stay at Alpine Soul , Sattal

1. Experience the wild: The bird-watching tours and forest treks will grip you with their magnificence and tranquility.

2. The enchanting Flora and Fauna: the Sattal Forest Resort is home to over 80 varieties of flowers, herbs, and trees. Sattal itself is the migrating ground for a large variety of birds and home to many wild creatures like leopards, foxes, porcupines, barking deer, and languors.

3. Feel the peace wash over you: The campsite is 200 m from the lake and where you can be in total isolation. We also arrange day picnics by the lake. All our guests love the boating and fishing expeditions at the lake.


4. Local efforts: We offer the best Sattal has to you. The aroma of the locally produced spices will fragrance your minds forever.


5. Eco-friendly campsite: We offer all eco friendly facilities at the campsite and sustainability is the main goal.


6. Prepared for COVID: Our property is spread out over a large area that not only provides privacy and peace but also safety for all our guests. We also provide room service so that you may not need to go out for your needs. Temperature checks are regular throughout the property.

7. Beauty all year round: Sattal is a beautiful location yet to be touched by human exploitation. All seasons in Sattal are a remarkable sight, especially the rains as they bring with themselves, the freshly washed landscape and calming cold airs.


8. Thrills on the waves: Sattal Lakes is the hub for several water sports activities like Fishing, Boating, Kayaking, Zip-line, and zorbing for our guests who are all about the thrill.


Let's Go Somewhere-----Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost-----To Travel Is To Live ~

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