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What is Arian ? 

Arian is an initiative taken by Travel to Discover to make a non - profit society aiming to help the unprivileged children. The children who have not got a start in life like lot of children in world. It will be a society trying to help the children secure a better future. The focus would be to help them in providing education , health and connecting them to organisations who are working for the betterement of children. Every child has the right to dream.In short can experience Life naturally. It's an effort to help them achieve that.


Another aim of forming this society is to connect with all the like minded people who are already working for welfare of children or want to be part of such initiatives and the value of Education in every children's life. 

Inspiration to form this Society ?  Travel to Discover started in Rennes '14 when I met my friend from Zarnesti,Romania who showed me a different way of looking at life or maybe the story started long time back in year 2000 when my father took the decision of sending me to study in one of the best school's in world to get a different mindset towards life. He wanted me to have a good future and today when I look back connecting the dots - I feel i have lived a privileged life. The experiences that I have had in my last 3 years of travel and the kind of Life I have come across in Kolkata or other parts of India is very different to what I have got - I think even if I can make a small impact for the better future of unprivileged children , this society would be well worth it and......

Another very big inspiration has been the story of Saroo Brierley - The writer of the book " A LONG WAY BACK HOME " , acted by Dev Patel in the movie " LION " who fought his way to better Life at such a young age and the whole story gives us such a big example of LOVE & HOPE, but many like him won't be lucky and that's why an initiative or an effort to help the unprivileged for better living.


​Why Arian ? Travel to Discover is a story of two birds one from India and other from Romania who met in Rennes'14 and shared lot of dreams together and out of those all they shared a dream of a child together and one wanted to give the name Arian to it. 

Arian is Romanian translation of the word Aryan which has been derived from "Aryavarta", which is name of the country India in classical Sanskrit literature, also known as "abode of the Aryans". The word "Aryan" means "honourable, respectable, and noble" in Classical Sanskrit.  

For Love & Hope - Arian

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