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How we help ? 

We are helping in the following ways:

1. We are making efforts to connect with the organisations in India and also in different parts of the world who are constantly working hard and putting efforts for a better future of the children by making small donations to the cause.

2. We are helping the children by providing them funding for education or by connecting them with organisations who take care of un privileged in bigger or smaller but in a  better way or by helping them in getting into schools where they can start studying and start making progress towards better future. 

3. The initiative is not only limited to children - the bigger meaning is to help the people who need help and it's an initiative to do the best we can to our limits. 

4. We spread the word for same through our trips under "Travel to Discover" and if people interested they can relate to Arian and be part of the journey. 

5. It's a start - let's see how far we can go and we look for support from your end. 

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