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India-You always have to come back again for more!


                                                                Travel-Travel-Travel ....

India-The travellers El Dorado.


India is one destination which is part of every traveller’s journey. A country which will stay in your heart for so many things such as good memories, the people, the food, the mighty Himalayas, Leh- Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir, beautiful road trips, snowfall, the sun laden beaches of Goa -paradise of India ,the backwaters in Kerela, the deserts in Rajasthan- the history,the culture , the Architecture ,the different languages , so different , clothes and what not...Above all Religion… not one but so many, the immense faith in God people have will change you. You will be surprised by the people because they are so unique and Oh Yes if there is a GOD(s) ....He is in India.


Travelling in India is the best thing you can do to yourself -the more you explore the more memories you country believes in giving ....take as much as you can and be happy.


Himachal Pradesh - your first experience is always the best that's what I believe in and my first backpack travel was Himachal Pradesh.People of this place will make a home in your heart straight away and you will say I don't want to go back home and let's make a Home in the mountains and stop running. If there is PEACE in India it's in the Himalayas ....Go and Explore and see how people live so happily. Kids play in the snow , the bus driver's drive as if there is no second chance they are the actual ones who are living Life on the edge. My love for Himachal will always be there and the journey still goes on.


If you know you love Travel. Then all you need to do is Travel ...It will change you, make you responsible ,make you a person who is always up for doing something for which he/she is actually born "Explore"


Udaipur where to start from, a city of Lakes or should I say a city with amazing sunsets .Crazy, beautiful and mesmerizing . Go to the monsoon palace or Karni Mata temple or go trekking ...every evening you have a reason to sit for two hours and watch  the sun go down and you say it was a good day. The ghats gives you a reason to sit and enjoy the peacefulness around you and how it feels to be part of someone else's  culture and experience it so closely. Gaghaur, Lal or AmbraiGhat people taking dips and enjoying the beautiful view of City Palace ,Lake Palace.



Rajasthan is all the more special and close to my heart because it was my home for 6 years ,Ajmer,Pushkar,Udaipur,Jaipur,Different culture different people and  different food and their clothes....... My traditional state Rajasthan I love you for all your beauty, marvellous Palaces, Wildlife sanctuaries. History speaks for Rajasthan A must see in India .


Goa is India's home for beautiful sunsets,beaches,food,parties, road trips,hiking ,churches,vintage feel what not, a place with Goan food and Goan culture local festivals in Goa be a local.You explore and Goa will surprise and In Goa you never go by the book again it is very close to my heart whenever you go you get something different .A traveler always enjoy the beautiful sunset with a cold beer in his hands thinking Life is beautiful all you need is to know How to Enjoy it.Cheers to Goa .



North East The unexplored part of my country is also part of my bucket list ...You always save the best for the Last ...North East is not going to disappoint you...Caves, Beautiful hills ,the Brahmaputra river which will never leave you...your constant friend. The local festival's are the one should be on top of your travel when going to the seven sisters called the unexplored part of India.


India is a great travel.....Cheers











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