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Trek-Kasol to Rasol


My First experience to Himachal was a trek during my college days and trekking in Himalayas has always been the best gift of valley's and no wonder it was one of the best things that I did in my life and soon more treks followed.We went on a trek from Kasol to Rasol a small village in the Parvati valley at 10,000 ft .The village has around 70-80 houses and village is known for the temple of Jamdagni Rishi(Lord Shiva)


Rasol is a place to go if you want to experience peace,people and beautiful valley views. The backpackers have good guesthouses to stay as well.

The village people play local games or spin wool .You can see the kids playing and always looking at you with a strange gaze  and the question is always the same "Where are you from?"

Himachal Pradesh-The Himalayas

Heaven on Earth

Malana Village

It's again a very beautiful village in the parvati valley which is an 8 hrs trek from Rasol village.It is unique for a lot of reasons like its lifestyle,their God Jamblu Devta ,their language Kannishi.Malana has been part of various documentaries. The village is extremely beautiful situated at 9,938 ft and has a different charm altogether.It also part of famous Chanrakhani and deotibba treks.People from all over the world come to this place to smoke Marijuana and explore the culture of this village.


The village is said to be blessed with lot of powers.You are not allowed to be with the local people and the village has strict laws on touching something which is prohibited.A must go place in Himachal if you want to get Stunned by Himachal Culture.

People & Peace

They are different people which you don't see normally in your life,they live in Heaven.No tv,electricity is not proper and list will never end but what will amaze you they have Happiness and they all live like one big Family some villages has their own law no interference from external world.They will welcome you and will treat you with such kindness your heart will melt.


I say Some things which money can't buy is Kindness -when they see outside people they ask you Where are you from? There faces will stay with you,the majestic views will remind you that you have to go back and above all -- the calmness of hills which you miss all the time!!!!

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