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Hampi Express - 30thOct-1stNov

Hampi -Travel(2 days)


Hampi is truly Incredible India.The city apart from it's other names is also known as the lost city of Asia which has a huge history behind it dating back to 14th century talking about the Vijayangar empire ,Dravidian style architecture, Temple dedicated to Lords and Kings.The city will take you to an ancient world leaving you wondering -How it would have been during those days???..The people,the culture,the temple architecture,river side local life & ruins,local food,small villages,green paddy field,Hippie world and above all Love and Peace among everyone you meet.


It's one of the most peaceful places to be in the world.


Trip Plan


  • Train Hampi Express--Leave Bangalore City at 22.00 hrs --Hospet Junction at 07.00 Hrs.

  • Take Bus to Hampi City around 9 kms-cost Rs.13

  • Take Ferry go to the other side

  • Ferry timings-06.00 am --6.00 pm

  • Accommodation Stay at Laughing Buddha - Link Amazing food,one of the best views,good service,killer atmosphere-peaceful and quiet. #Love


Day 1-Exploring the Ruins and Temples

  • Hire an Auto (ard-500-600rs)

  • Food-Must Try-Mango Tree Restaurant **(local food Karnataka Thali)

  • Must Visit Places-Vitthala Temple(with Guide),Virupaksha Temple(with guide-Anand -9482664315,The Elephant Stable,Archaeological Museum(A must visit for history and architecture lovers)

  • Evening -Hemkuta Hill Temple for Sunset


Day 2-Take a Scooty and Drive and Explore


  • Visit the Hanuman temple -Climb 572 steps and have panoramic view of this beautiful city.(sunrise also perfect)

  • Visit Pampa Sarovar and immerse yourself more into the culture of India

  • Chill by the side of the Sanapur lake enjoying a great sunset.

  • After a long day you can sit at any of the cafes and have a beer to refresh yourself and head back to the city .


Depart -Hampi Express -21.00 pm from Hospet Junction--05.45 am Bangalore.


Try to explore and get lost in this beautiful city and Let life of the people touch you,meet villagers get to know them,have a wonderful travel---The Grass is greener on the other side"




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