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Travel is Love and when you traveling with family it becomes more than Love.


We left from Darjeeling with a power breakfast and My father & mother had had no clue where we were upto.The plan was to show my parents the beauty of Himalayas,Changu Lake,Baba Mandir and Nathula pass(Indo-China Border.) --paradise unparalled. 


Gangtok--is the capital of Sikkim and its a beauty from all angles and above all the people are really down to earth and very friendly & helpful. People from different parts of India have made home in this small paradise. 


Nights are energetic in Gangtok with young locals,tourists flock the very famous Mg Market.

Me My Mom and Dad were also part of the group , We ate , We shopped , We drank too...


Last day we head out towards Changu lake >>Old Baba Mandir around 50 km from Gangtok.India is a very gorgeous city and I feel happy that I got to do this travel with my family.


When your parents become friends then Life becomes very easy as they are the only one who deserve to know what's happening in your life and you can share it very easily.


Love & Hope Always


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