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Vienna >> Innsbruck >> Zell am See >> Salzburg >> Hallstat >> Graz >> Vienna - Dates - Customized

 Vienna 2 Nights - Innsbruck 3 nights - Zell am See 2 Nights - Salzburg 3 Nights - Hallstat 5 nights - Graz 2 Nights - Vienna 1 Night


  • Backpacking trip - you travel with a budget,  stay in backpack hostels with other travelers coming from different countries, you explore the culture of the different country, explore the city - either by walk or by local transport, try the different local cuisine, enjoy the nightlife.

  • Hostels - Where you stay are a very social hostel, so it's not only about meeting people from India but also people from the rest of the world.

  • Trip Description - Travel + Meet new people + See city like a tourist + Socialize + Explore + Eat + Walk + Dance + Drink + Enjoy  

  • Couples/Sole Female travelers are welcome but keep note you would be staying in backpack hostels where you would be staying in mixed dorms of either 6/8/10/12 beds shared by both males and females. Hostels have common bathrooms as well. 

  • Solo female travelers - please let us know at the time of booking if you want to stay in an only Female dorm.

  • Trip cost - 100,000 INR Inclusive of GST + 5% TCS

  • The trip can be customized as per your dates, and budget. Please reach out on the email or number mentioned.

  • For itinerary queries please contact or call at 9741000732.

bad ischl

Trip Itinerary


Your trip starts in Vienna.

Vienna - 2 days


Day 1- Reach Vienna by afternoon

  • Stay Hostel centrally located - close to Oldtown

  • You are in the city of music, art, culture and fine food which is the beating heart of Europe

  • Head to one of the most beautiful boulevards and with it explore some beautiful buildings of Vienna.

  • Take tram rides, and bus tours of the city and get to know this very beautiful city. 

  • In the evening head to the center for some local Viennese food and later head to Kohlmarkt for some more exploration.

  • We head to some good bar for a few drinks.

  • The night is all yours.


Day 2- Vienna


  • After breakfast, we start our bus tour and explore the Imperial Palace and later we head to visit the Habsburgs' former summer residence - " Schönbrunn Palace". Plan to spend a good half-day at Schönbrunn, a World Heritage site and a marvel of Baroque architecture and garden design.

  • Continue with the Bus tour until the evening

  • After the bus tour ends you are free to explore the city by yourself.


Innsbruck - 3 days

Day 3- Innsbruck 

A city in the Alps known for its Imperial and modern architecture


  • Check-in - Relax - We are in the capital of the Alps, a feast for all mountain lovers.

  • Head out for food and a walking tour of the city

  • Rest day - enjoy the panoramic views of the Alps around you.


Day 4- Innsbruck 


  • To enjoy this beautiful city's panoramic views you take the funicular which connects Innsbruck with Hungerburg.

  • For all history lovers - let's head to Goldenes Dachl in the old town of Innsbruck and explore more of this city by visiting the Innsbruck Cathedral.

  • In the evening we dine and try some Viennese food and after that stroll across some of the beautiful streets of this gorgeous city.

  • The night is all yours.

Day 5- Innsbruck 

  • After Breakfast, you are free to explore this city by yourself. 

  • Today it's a Free Day 

Zell am See - 2 days

Zell am See is an Austrian town on Lake Zell, south of the city of Salzburg

Day 6- Train from Innsbruck to Zell am See 


  • Check-in - Relax - you are in one of the most beautiful Austrian towns.

  • Start your tour by visiting the beautiful Romanesque St. Hippolyte Church

  • Make a visit to Lake Zell - indeed beautiful

  • Take a rest to enjoy the panoramic views of the Alps around you.


Day 7- Zell am See


  • Start your day early by taking the ski lift and head to Zell am See - Schmittenhöhe

  • Spend 1st half at the Ski resort and the panoramic views are worth all the cold. 

  • Lunch 

  • Free to explore the town at your own pace.


Salzburg - 3 days

Day 8- Salzburg


  • Stay In Backpack Hostel - The hostel would be centrally located and would be close to all the places we would be exploring.

  • After check-in and some rest, we head to explore the beautiful Hohensalzburg Castle for great views of the city & Alps and visit the beautiful Salzburg cathedral.

  • Hop and Hop off a tour of lakes and mountains  - Optional activity

  • In the evening we stroll across many beautiful streets of this beautiful city and head to some coffee shops for some good coffee.


Day 9- Salzburg


  • Free Day


Day 10- Salzburg


  • After Breakfast, you are free to explore this city by yourself. 

  • Today it's a Free Day - The best is to rent a bike and explore by bike.


Hallstatt - 5 days

Hallstatt is a village on Lake Hallstatt's western shore in Austria's mountainous Salzkammergut region.

Day 11 - Hallstatt

  • Stay In Backpack Hostel in Bad Ischl- it's 20 min train ride from the main Hallstatt town

  • After check-in and some rest 

  • Evening at leisure 

Day 12 - Hallstatt

  • Start your day with breakfast 

  • Head to the Hallstätter See - lake in Salzkammergut, Austria.

  • Lunch by the lake

  • Visit the Cavernous salt-mine museum 

  • In the evening head back to the hostel 

Day 13 - Hallstatt

  • Start your day with breakfast 

  • Head to the Hallstatt by the train and on reaching make a stop at Classic Village Viewpoint one of the scenic viewpoints in the region.

  • Lunch by the lake

  • After lunch, make a stop at "Skywalk Hallstatt" - a viewing platform at 1,148 feet overlooking a panoramic alpine UNESCO World Heritage site. 

  • Relax in the evening 

Day 14 - Hallstatt

  • Start your day with breakfast 

  • Head to "Stairway to nowhere" - A high-altitude observation deck with a glass floor and sweeping views of the surrounding Alps.

  • Relax at your own pace

Day 15 - Hallstatt

  • Free Day - make your own plans and Explore 

  • Party evening 

Graz - 2 days

Graz is the capital city of the southern Austrian province of Styria

Day 16 - Graz

  • Leave for Graz, and reach by afternoon.

  • Check-in - relax 

  • Start your tour by heading to the Murinsel - its an artificial floating "island" in the middle of the Mur river and links the two banks on both sides

  • Head to Hauptplatz Historical town square surrounded by medieval buildings & featuring a bronze statue of a punk.

  • Spend the evening in the square 

Day 17 - Graz

  • Today after breakfast start the tour by heading to the Old town of Graz

  • After exploring the old town head to "Schloßberg" for some great views of the city.

  • If interested make a visit to "Eggenberg Palace, Graz" - it is the most significant Baroque palace complex in the Austrian province of Styria

  • Make a visit to "Landeszeughaus" - a museum for The Styrian Armoury

Vienna - 1 day

Day 18 - Vienna

  • Return to the city by the afternoon.

  • Check-in - relax 

  • Rest at the hostel or grab a drink and enjoy the time you have, as it's been a long travel


  • Guidebook for the trip

  • Backpack hostel stay in Vienna including breakfast

  • Bus Tour Vienna

  • Train from Vienna to Innsbruck

  • Stay in a Hotel private room with breakfast in Innsbruck

  • Train from Innsbruck to Zell am See 

  • Stay in a single room with a balcony and shared bath in Zell Am See

  • Train from Zell Am See to Salzburg Direct

  • Stay in a hostel mixed dorm in Salzburg with Breakfast

  • Train from Salzburg to Hallstatt ( with 1 Change )

  • Stay in a hostel mixed dorm in Hallstatt with no breakfast

  • Train from Hallstatt to Graz ( with 1 Change )

  • Stay in a hostel mixed dorm in Graz with no breakfast

  • Train from Graz to Vienna 

  • Backpack hostel stay in Vienna including breakfast

  • Visa assistance for the documentation part




  • International flights  

  • Visa fees

  • Travel Insurance

  • Local taxes / Tourist Tax which are paid on arrival

  • Internal hotel to airport transfers or train station transfers  ( Info will be provided on how to do it by public transport - saves money and best )

  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner if not mentioned 


Terms & Conditions


  • You are an adult and you have to take full responsibility for yourself at all times and respect other cultures.

  •  If you are caught doing anything illegal you would be facing the consequences alone, travel to discover will not come into the picture.

  • You have to follow all the instructions told by the trip leader at all times.

  • Tour leader will accompany you if there is a minimum group size of 10

  • When you are traveling alone you have to tell the team about your whereabouts.

  • You have to abide by all rules and regulations of another country.

  • You would be traveling with other people, you have to respect everyone's privacy.

  • We have a plan/itinerary for the whole trip but some things might get changed according to the situation please be prepared. (like flight delays etc)

  • No refund in case of cancellation of flights or interconnecting flights/trains.

  • We would be staying in a backpacker hostel all the time and would be sharing the room with other people, you are responsible for your own stuff and yourself

Let's Go Somewhere-----Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost-----To Travel Is To Live ~

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