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Rajpath,India gate & Rashtrapati Bhavan


Rajpath is one of the best boulevard to enjoy a good long walk in Delhi.It is one of the main roads in India and the Republic day parade also happens on this road only.The road stretches from Rashtrapati Bhavan where the president of India resides till the Arc de Triumph,India Gate,a memorial dedicated to the soldiers of British India army who died fighting in wars from 1914-21 and the names of each soldier is engraved on the wall.The road is well maintained,parks on both sides ,children playing,tourists enjoying and getting clicked outside India Gate,painters trying to capture the whole scene,even you have actors rehearsing their play role with their voice at peak,vendors selling all different kinds of goods and lovely weather during the month of feb-march makes everything picture perfect.

Delhi-Welcome to the capital of India

Yeh Dilli hain meri jaan.It's not just a city!!!
Qutb Complex

Qutb comples stands in the league of something extraordinary interms of antiquity and design.You have the mosque Quwwat-i-Islam,Qutb Minar,Red sandstone screen,tomb of Iltutmish,Alai minar,Alai Darwaza and much more.The three kings Qutbuddin Aibak,Shamsuddin Iltutmish and Alauddin Khalji contributed differently to the complex.


It contains one of the earliest mosque extant in India and the mighty Qutb Minar(72.5m) which is the highest stone tower in India.

As you walk around the remains from the 11th century you start imagining how it would have been during those ancient times.The architectural work ,the corridors,the screen which shows a great mixture of art,tomb of Iltutmish where Squinch architecture is engraved one of its kind.I say its a must visit if you are in Delhi and want to take a trip down to Ancient era.

Old Delhi-Jama Masjid,Chandni Chowk and much more.

Old Delhi my most favourite part of Delhi or may be its because I have been coming here since childhood as my grandmother's house is in Old Delhi and whenever we visited her we always use to go in a rickshaw to Chandni chowk for food and stroll in the evening.The hustle bustle,the rickshaw pullers,old buildings,the electric wires hanging the whole scene looks like an old black&white movie and above all the street food is just mind blowing.


This time my trip was a very short one but I loved it as always.A must visit when you go to the capital because without seeing OLD DELHI your trip is incomplete.


Have a good trip!!!

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