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Kolkata-City of Joy

On a good day -It feels like you are in the right city and for all the right reasons just to see a good life from a different part of your country.

Calcutta is called the  city of joy  and as the locals it's for a reason because you can find a place to sleep anywhere and can find food everywhere to eat .


The best part of city is it's slow life .Nobody is running here ,the city has it's own vibe,cool,calm composed.Everyone takes their work seriously starting from Auto drivers to people working in big firms.


I have not seen much and I am still exploring as I am only 3 weeks old in this vintage city.The magic of this city is present everywhere.Everyday in Kolkata is like an adventure as you have so many things happening around you ,the rush on the roads ,the people from all different cultures and not to forget Bengali themselves which obviously makes this city more interesting,the noise,lights,different street food,sweets and the politeness in the way the people speak.


Old Calcutta is one of the most beautiful places that I have come across up-till now.I feel the charm of old things is very beautifully preserved here and a place by the name of Sova bazaar in north Calcutta takes you to a different era where buildings are more than 400 years old but still surviving.The architecture which is mix of both British and Gothic amazes you.just close to Sovabazaar you have another locality by the name of KumarTulli which means Kumar-Potter , Tulli-Locality basically the place where all the potters,craftsmen live.It's the place where the beautiful statues of Goddess Kali and Lord Ganesha and many more are made.I got to know during the time of Durga Pooja you have to take a ticket to come here as it becomes really crowded.


Art and creativity is just flowing in every corner of Calcutta.You feel alive in the city.You have the river Ganga the sacred river of India people in the evening sit at ghats and enjoy the view with a cool breeze giving you a feeling of freedom.


Life is good here after all it's the City of Joy.



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