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Amsterdam >> Paris >> Barcelona Dates - 22nd June'19 - 30th June'19

 Amsterdam 3 Nights >> Paris 3 nights >> Barcelona 3 nights


  • Backpacking trip - you travel with a budget,  stay in backpack hostel's with other travelers coming from different countries, you explore the culture of the different country, explore the city - either by walk or by local transport, try the different local cuisine, enjoy the nightlife.

  • Hostels - Where you stay are a very social hostel, so it's not only about meeting people from India but also people from the rest of the world.

  • Trip Description - Travel + Meet new people + See city like a tourist + Socialize + Explore + Eat + Walk + Dance + Drink + Enjoy  

  • Couples/Sole Female travelers are welcome but keep note you would be staying in backpack hostel’s where you would be staying in mixed dorms of either 6/8/10/12 bed shared by both male and female. Hostels have common bathrooms as well. 

  • Solo female travelers - please let us know at the time of booking if you want to stay in an only Female dorm.

  • Trip cost - 90,000 INR Inclusive of GST 

  • The trip can be customized as per your dates, budget. Please reach out on the email or number mentioned.

  • For itinerary queries please contact or call at 9741000732.

Amsterdam Houses
Amsterdam Canal View
Red Light District Amsterdam

Trip Itinerary


Your trip starts in Amsterdam. You have to reach Amsterdam by Date - 22nd  June'19 afternoon at 1 pm.


Amsterdam - 3 days


Day 1- Reach Amsterdam by afternoon


  • Check in - The hostel is centrally located and is at a walking distance from Amsterdam central station.

  • Settle yourself finally you are in Amsterdam

  • Walking tour of Amsterdam city center 

  • Red light district walking tour


Day 2- Amsterdam


  • Start your day with a powerful breakfast at the hostel

  • Head to the museum quarter to explore Rijksmuseum one of the most visited and beautiful museum of Amsterdam 

  • Sink in the beautiful canal sights of Jordaan area

  • In the evening head for a Heineken experience or make a canal cruise.


Day 3 - Amsterdam


  • Free Day 

  • You can explore the windmills of Amsterdam or just chill at one of the coffee shops of Amsterdam


Paris - 3 days


Day 4 - Morning train to Paris


  • Reach Paris by afternoon

  • Check in - The hostel centrally located at a walking distance from the Gare Du Nord station

  • Relax, settle yourself in and then after some food start with your bus tour in Paris 

  • Visit the beautiful Eiffel Tower, enjoy the beautiful views

  • In the Evening head for your river cruise and see this majestic city by river Seine.

  • The tour comes to an end in the evening and you are free to explore the city by yourself.


Day 5 - Paris 


  • After a powerful breakfast, start your day with your bus tour again and this time exploring the different neighborhood of Paris. 

  • Visit the beautiful Monmarte and the Sacre Coeur symbol of Love

  • Make a stop at the center and see the sight, Notre Dam 

  • Make a long walk from the center to the Louvre and exploring the beautiful Promenade Champ De Elysses. 

Day 6 - Paris

  • Free Day 

  • You can explore this beautiful city at your own speed, chill at the hostel or head to some museums


Barcelona - 3 days


Day 7- Barcelona


  • Take the early morning flight to Barcelona and reach by morning.

  • Drop your bags as check-in would be after 3 pm

  • Start with the bus tour of this gorgeous city

  • Make the first stop at the La Sagrada Familia - wait till you watch it 

  • Continue your tour for today and explore this city the way it unfolds

  • Evening check in - relax 

  • Head to La Rambla for an evening stroll 

  • Night bar hopping - Old town Barcelona


Day 8 - Barcelona

  • After a powerful breakfast, start your day with your bus tour again.

  • Explore the beautiful works of Gaudi and admire the beauty of this city

  • Drop by to the Picassa Museum if you are an art lover

  • Explore the beautiful neighborhoods like El Raval known for its charming vibe

  • Evening head to one of the rooftop bars and enjoy the city with a drink

  • Tour comes to an end in the evening, relax - food 

  • Pub Crawl in Barcelona ( not included )

Day 9 - Barcelona


  • Free Day 

  • You can explore this beautiful city at your own speed, chill at the hostel or head to some museum.

Day 10 - Trip ends after breakfast




  • Guidebook for the trip

  • All hostel accommodations in Mixed Dorms

  • All trains or bus to a different city

  • Breakfast at all times  

  • Heineken Experience in Amsterdam 

  • Bus tour in Paris 

  • River cruise in Paris 

  • Visa Assistance - full documentation




  • Flights from India to and fro

  • Travel Insurance

  • Visa fees 

  • Lunch & dinner and drinks at all times 

  • Anything not mentioned 

  • Specific tour guide fees

  • Local taxes paid 

  • Due to any unavoidable circumstances - if any route changes or plan change -- the extra cost would be incurred individually


Terms & Conditions


  • You are an adult and you have to take full responsibility for yourself at all times and respect other culture.

  •  If you are caught doing anything illegal you would be facing the consequences alone, travel to discover will not come into the picture.

  • You have to follow all the instructions told by the trip leader at all times.

  • Tour leader will accompany you if there is a minimum group size of 10

  • When you are traveling alone you have to tell the team about your whereabouts.

  • You have to abide by all rules and regulation of another country.

  • You would be traveling with other people, you have to respect everyone's privacy.

  • We have a plan/itinerary for the whole trip but some things might get changed according to the situation please be prepared. (like flight delays etc)

  • No refund in case of cancellation of flights of interconnecting flights/trains.

  • We would be staying in backpacker hostel all the time and would be sharing the room with other people, you are responsible for your own stuff and yourself

Let's Go Somewhere-----Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost-----To Travel Is To Live ~

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