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Agra-The city Of Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal,Agra Fort,Mamkameshwar Temple,FatehpurSikri,Buland Darwaza,Akbar Tomb-Sikandra,Mughal Architecture,History,Food.

Taj Mahal & Agra Fort

When you go to see Taj Mahal you are excited and its natural because its something which you don't see everyday  and as soon as you enter the the great gate and reach the courtyard and see the beautiful Taj Mahal right infront of you... you go Speechless -"Its a beauty"


Its a mix of various architecture's India,Persian,turkish.It was commissioned by Shah-Jahan in the loving memory of his third wife Mumtaz Mahal.

Next on the list was Agra fort or Red fort another UNESCO world heritage site which is just aa few kms away from Taj mahal another amazing creation by Mughals.


Fatehpur Sikri a city in Uttar Pradesh founded by Mughal emperor Akbar which served as a capital of Mughals.The city well known for it's marvellous architecture.It is divided into two parts one is Fatehpur where you have Panch Mahal,Diwan-i-Aam(where king use to address the common people),Diwan-e-khaas(where king use to meet the special people) and more.


Other is  Sikri which is known for Buland Darwaza the biggest gateway in the world it's not just any gate and you also have dome of Salim Chisti a very famous saint,people say whatever you wish at his tomb with a clean heart will take shape sooner or later.It is again a world UNESCO heritage site.A must watch when you go to Agra it's just an hour drive from Agra.

Akbar Tomb & Mughal Architecture


Akbar tomb another Mughal architecture masterpiece built in 16th century in Sikandra which is in outskirts of Agra.You have the grave of the great Mughal King Akbar in the basement and replica of it is also made next to the main mausoleum.In the morning you have less people and its a little far away from the city so its better to visit this place early morning.I had a great time in the city and hope you also do.Cheers.


Zostel, Agra

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