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 Firenze -The City Of Love

Life and Love both has its own magic.



Sometimes both just gives you so much happiness in a very less time , we sit wondering was it actually real and your heart only knows the answer.


Florence was happiness shared with the right person.


The beauty of everything is in Time. The most precious gift  for Lovers is time no matter how much you get will always be less and the one who lives the moments at beautiful time will go happily from this life because Life is made up of small moments.


Florence was like that priceless time which came and like always went away like a flash and left the book open and a different chapter started. 


I read it somewhere when you fall in Love you should leave it to God ..then it is he who will write your story. Now after few months  as I again head back to meet her I try to understand why the book was left open but I still have no answers.


I never had imagined in my life that I would travel so much or in my journey would meet such a beautiful person with whom I would share such a big passion. I guess God has a plan for everyone and all you got to do is just follow your heart passionately and if your heart says you have met the right person in life never let them go .


We left without saying bye to each other but it is later you understand more pages and chapters are left in your book.






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