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Wroclaw-Beautiful city in Poland

Market Square

Visiting Poland was never part of my itinerary,but I feel so lucky to have visited this place.

Wroclaw is a great city in Poland and extremely beautiful.

Market Square is the main attractive point at this place which is always full of people.The architecture of houses, cafes,restaurant's,pubs,clubs,strip clubs and you see joyful people all around and you can't stop yourself from taking pictures.


This place changes totally in the night.The nightlife is just booming I was there on a Saturday night and without any doubt had a great time.


I met so many amazing people here a Big Thanks to Grampa Hostel and had one of my craziest night's at Wroclaw.I was staying at Grampa Hostel and a lot of funny things happened,Pub Crawls,exchange of culture,beers and travel talks of-course.


People who plan to backpack around Eastern Europe should keep this place part of their itinerary.The Polish people that I met were all very simple and they love travelling talks whether it's about any place.The talks can never come to an end.


The people are really open here and very relaxed.I have heard a lot about Warsaw as well may be next time.


I was on my way back to my hostel,tired exhausted hungover and was taking pictures the whole day.Suddenly I saw a big area sort of a park near to Grampa Hostel on my way back from Market Square around 300 people sitting and drinking beers and enjoying the sunset.

After a long day what more do you want I ran and got my beers and sat with them and enjoyed the sun till it said Goodbye.


One of the best Sunset I have come across and specially if you can come across this in winters then it's a good day.

I came back with Good Memories Poland you were great see you soon Cheers.


Thanks Grampa Hostel Wroclow

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