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Evrything happens for a reason in Life

Plan was to go to Croatia but we landed up doing Vienna and Bratislava.

We had a plan of chilling in Croatia for 5 days doing a road trip but due to migrant issue borders were closed so we headed to Bratislava.Janta doing the sorting.


Bratislava is a cool and calm city less people,where you are never going to find heard of tourists.We were dam tired and on top of that it was raining the whole day and we were doing all tourist stuff so it took more toll on us,but kidding joking,drinking whole day went off and who knew evening was waiting for us with a big surprise.

We landed in an old bar cafe 70's and then it was a good night.

The best part was meeting a group of Old folks around age 40-45 who were out to party and they have a code that once in a year they go for a night out to an unknown city and party till the time they are dead.

Bratislava had more to it but let's just keep it short.


Vienna was a surprise .The StephenPlaz cathedral is just mind blowing and insanely beautiful both from outside and inside.


I loved Strolling in the night in Vienna and watching opera from outside the vienna opera house was an all together different experience,hope will watch it from inside one day but only with the women I love -High Hopes.

We were staying at one of the best hostels in town so the atmosphere there was pretty chilled out so the night never ended.


But all good things has to come to an end KJ left in the afternoon for Prague ,UT stayed back for the night and I left for my Love to Venice the same night.


But as always whenever you travel you discover something #Traveltodiscover


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