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Buongiorno Venice --


I look back and everything looks like a dream but the dream was real and gave me one of the most beautiful memories of my life as I met the person who gave me passion and love for travel.We left in Paris and met in Venice.


I have no words to describe this place,It's a different world on earth where people from all corners come everyday to enjoy this paradise.It's a dream for a lot of people to visit Venice and no doubt it is one of the most romantic places on earth.You surely don't want to be alone here.A city on water where normal mode of transport are water taxi.The view of this gorgeous city from all places is totally insane or the Gandola ride in Grand canal,a stroll in evening at Rialto bridge or the  small alleys all over the city which are like a maze where you want to get lost and explore or like mad lovers holding hands strolling in this beautiful city the whole night.


The centre St.Mark's square which is magnificent and quite famous among tourists is always filled with people and the vibe is so pure and energetic. People stand in long queue's to look at  the beautiful Doge's palace.A must watch if you have time quite known for it's venetian architecture.

The houses in Venice with venetian architecture are of a different kind and with beautifully decorated windows makes them all the more special.


Venice was never my plan but destiny or I must say Love took me there.I was in Venice for a day and it was a very different day from the rest that I have spent in Life.Florian cafe A must visit for all Lover's.


Life is beautiful and you realize it more when you are at some place beautiful and that too with people whom you Love.


Venice made me realized that nothing is permanent and there is beauty in all corners of the world ,all we got to do is look with a pure heart.


I walked out of Venice with no plans of coming back but I was back in this city in less than 24 hrs,sometimes you just have to leave everything to God he surely has a plan for everyone of us.

Arrivederci Venice

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