Barcelona - Granada - Seville - Lagos - Lisbon

"The deepest form of Love is curiosity" - Iordan


Travelers: Shobhit Srivastava, Neekita Jain, Ria Baradia, Indrajit Palit, Puneet Singhvi & Arnab Sinha

Spain and Portugal Chapter - By far one of the most beautiful trips ever been on and I believe it truly goes to the people who were on the trip and also due to all the amazing cities we went to in both countries and the people we met. 

It all started in Barcelona, it was the meeting point for all registered for the trip and the trip started with lot of exploring mainly by foot which led to spending more time with fellow co-travelers, never-ending walks to the never-ending conversation. Bus tours and free walking tours helped us in getting more closer to the city.

Barcelona - What should I say? ain't no city like that - trip started early and with a bang - La Sagrada Familia - this city belongs to "Antoni Gaudi" - it's something way ahead of its time - a masterpiece - it's speaks volume of Spain and what it holds. 

Nights in Barcelona are mad, we all walked from one bar to another in the Gothic quarter which is the oldest part of Spain and that's where you see what Romans did to this city - it's beautiful and hold so much history, art, and so much more beauty. Bus tours to walking tours got us close to knowing about what's Barcelona. 


In short, this city is Jewel - Barcelona 

Road took us to Granada and then you are hit what's Andalucian culture and what's the Maghreb did here - You see Alhambra and you see architecture marvel on the hill guarding the city and comes the night then it's more beautiful.

Granada - the small markets to local people to the food to its small bars to its sunsets to gypsy music and on top of the people you were traveling with share all the happiness made it more real.Big thanks to Makuto hostel - one of the most beautiful hostels ever been and to people from all across the globe we met. 

Granada - Diamond of Andalusia 

Seville - City with one of the most beautiful people in the world and special thanks to La Banda Rooftop Hostel, the family dinners we miss them so much and the big Seville Cathedral and Royal Alcazar both gems to this gorgeous city, the flea markets to the Tapas and authentic local bars , to the Bollywood dance done in local bars, to the barter system of dance to the Sangria to ice creams in night.

Seville - Go for the people 

The weekend came and we were back to Lagos after a year and Algarve is South of Portugal - it's something different, beaches are blue - Ocean is the spice and food makes it more special. Sunset walk till Monta de Piedade - Algarve sunsets are something different - it's the ocean , sun, and never-ending gorges. Lagos nightlife is super fun and you end up meeting such lovely people, and surf to scuba to paddle surf to another trip to Sagres, we bid goodbye to Lagos.

Lagos - It's a vibe call it a different energy

We reached our last stop and never knew so many surprises were in the store , it all started with a walking tour of Alfama district which took us to Sun Downer party at La Mirador Gracia - don't say to anyone it's called "Secret Garden" , what an evening it turned out to be - the night ended with people from different parts of life, Next day Bus tour of this city and with lots of walking got us more close to this city. Lisbon with its energy grips you and it's one the best cities where you adjust in no time.

Last night get together of the group and conversations followed with all fellow travelers, whom you met as complete strangers were friends and brothers. Positive vibes we all danced and rejoiced over completing a super fabulous trip.

Big Thanks to Singhvi from Ahemdabad, Indrajit from Delhi, our boy Shobit from Ghaziabad, the sisters Niks and Ria from Siliguri and Arnab from Bangalore. So much fun knowing you.

We were happy that everyone walked back with a lot of memories at their end and that's what matters. Memories stay forever. Happy that we have this trip as a chapter in our small journey. Love for travel connects the world. Connecting Cultures. 


Thank's again to all travelers who joined us on this beautiful journey. It was indeed a pleasure to meet you all.

Love - Travel to Discover - Everything happens for a reason.


The deepest form of Love is curiosity  - Iordan

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