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Sinaia - Peles Castle & Sinaia Monastery 

What you plan never happens and sometimes what you never imagine happens.I look back and I only see so many beautiful memory this country has given me,people I met on the road who helped me in reaching to my destination ,people with whom I laughed learning Romanian and sharing experiences,mountains I explored without fear and a lot more but all of this happened because of my beautiful friend that I met in Rennes during my travel in 2014. #Multumesc

Sinaia happened by chance - I got up and my hostel friend  Maurizio from Italy said lets head to Peles Castle in Sinaia and we were on our way.

Sinaia is a town and a mountain resort in Prahova County around 50km from Brasov famous for skiing , peles castle , sinaia monestery.The town was named after Sinaia Monastery, around which it was built; the monastery in turn is named after the Biblical Mount Sinai.

We took the train from Brasov to Sinaia.The train takes you through beautiful Carpathian mountains offering great views of this magical country.It takes around 20-30 min from Sinaia train station to reach Peles Castle.

Peles castle is Neo-Renaissance castle built under the reign of King Carol I of Romania under whom Romania gained independence.The castle is very famous for its magnificent mountain scenery and architectural work. A must visit.


Just at a walking distance from castle is Sinaia monestery maintained by 13 orthodox monks and what timing it was - A day before Romanian Orthodox Easter - A festival of great importance to Romania.I was able to connect as I being an Indian very well understand the value of festivals and how important it is for a particular religion and people of that religion. I offered prayers for good health and happiness for lot of people.

Funny things do happens when you travel - The ticket seller guy was a big fan of Raj Kapoor one of the big superstars of Indian cinema let me in for free knowing I am from India in return we shared a song from one of his movies and as a token of love I gave him something from India- we hugged and bid goodbye with a smile leaving a sweet memory.

Maurizzo my friend from Italy and me we talked a lot about cultural diferences about India and Europe and how world needs more education and lot of other stuff.In short it was a great and very beautiful day. Connecting Cultures

#Multumesc #Romania #TeIubesc

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