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"Different Street - Time to Walk Alone ...Only if heart stops beating"

Beautiful things don't ask for Attention - Escape to the unknown ❤📷🚲 Mornings - Oiye ..Oiye..Oiye
Mountains are calling_._._._
The moment when you finish your hike and look back final time before youngest back home._._._._
Long walks__#Brasovcounty #Zarnesti #Carpathians #piatracraiuluinationalpark #piatracraiuluimountain
Sometimes mountains just call you by themselves because they want to make a  beautiful bond and view
~ Lost in the woods ~
Tripping on Nature__#Brasovcounty #Zarnesti #Carpathians #piatracraiuluinationalpark #piatracraiului
Nature Bonds__Mornings - Oiye ..Oiye..Oiye .
Nature Walks - II _#BackpackEurope #BackpackRomania #exploretransylvania #Carpathians #Instacarpathi
Way back Home _#BackpackEurope #BackpackRomania #exploretransylvania #Carpathians #Instacarpathian #
Mornings - Oiye ..Oiye..Oiye .
Nature has no filters - Walk to Remember__#BackpackEurope #BackpackRomania #exploretransylvania #Car
Last view of mountain__#BackpackEurope #BackpackRomania #exploretransylvania #Carpathians #Instacarp
Some roads always call you back - Home away from Home . _Till we return - Multumesc
❤ 🚲 Piatra Craiului - Exploring Nature _#BackpackEurope #BackpackRomania #exploretransylvania #Carp
New friend Mikey ❤
After a long hike - Well worth it for a view__#BackpackEurope #BackpackRomania #exploretransylvania
Nature _#BackpackEurope #BackpackRomania #exploretransylvania #Carpathians #Instacarpathian #Brasovc
Not everyday you get a view like this .In Lapse of nature .Love for mountains keeps us taking to des
Time is coming near - Mikey is gonna be missed
Nature walks__#BackpackEurope #BackpackRomania #exploretransylvania #Carpathians #Instacarpathian #B
And that person walking out there with his dog , far very far came all of a sudden out of nowhere wh
Food for thought - I am Happy Person -  Be Kind - Live in the moment ❤✌ Good night fellas - Live - L
Nature walks - Zarnesti _#BackpackEurope #BackpackRomania #exploretransylvania #Carpathians #Instabr

3 years - Two Birds - They flew in different direction 


Life is beautiful and when you start following your heart it becomes more beautiful. 

Only if everything starts to happen as to what you think then how good would life be ?? 

I write again after a long time, Time has come to follow the heart again



Life played a game with this soul,  

This time the road to Zarnesti goes through Brasov and reaching to this place has a beautiful story of two birds one from India and other from Romania. This time the journey was more tuff, longer and different.


"Two Birds - India to Romania"


The deepest form of Love is Curiosity - She said while walking in the mountains of Zarnesti and from then the Bird from India flew to know more of her world.

Where to start from - Both Birds went in a different direction when they did not meet in last winters in Romania in Zarnesti, 

The time came and stood still like Venice - Both Birds just a few minutes away from each one waiting to take the same fly and other sitting in a cage thinking to fly or not to fly.

As always Time was Less and bird from India had to go home, the bird waited at the train station just outside the other bird's home, 

The place where they last said goodbye - the bird waited for her to come and say Hi - but time had a different story to tell. 


Hope and Love both got lost with time, What started in Rennes as a beautiful story after 3 years felt a very sad story,

When Birds met in Rennes they never imagined time will get them so far, 

She called herself the bird from Mountains,  So scared that she was never able to fly to India leaving the cage behind, 

When Both birds met the very 1st time the bird from Zarnesti had a master to whom she always listened and whenever the bird from India goes back she will return to him, 

The bird was with her master for 7 years before she met the bird from India and decided to make a story with him, 

The master never wanted to let the bird fly free and always tried to break the connection between both birds, 

Bird from Zarnesti had a perception about the bird from India and lived in a world of her own imagination, 

She never flew to India to break her perceptions about the other bird and the fear of leaving her master made her realized that cage is the best life she has, 

In the other part of the world, the bird in India tried to keep the connection going and blindly followed his heart thinking one day everything is going to be all right, 

Life Moved ON as Time always has a beautiful story to tell. 


Both birds flew in different directions the Bird from Zarnesti signed a contract for Lifetime to be in the cage with the master, 

The Bird never thought before signing the contract about the other bird in India who changed his world and worked hard for a dream which they saw together 3 years back in Rennes,

He Came all the way from India to Romania for that same contract of Lifetime without thinking anything, Yet he returned empty-handed, 

In return only he wanted was a Little respect for Love and connection they shared, 

He had no answer to tell back home as to what happened in Zarnesti, 

Bird from Zarnesti left the Bird from India in Zarnesti where he was all ALONE. 


God had a beautiful plan for all,

Bird from Zarnesti decided to be with the Cage master - When life gave her the same option 3 years before she did not take that road and after 3 years when the bird from India after giving up everything stood outside her father's home to ask her hand for a lifetime of togetherness - she was calculating with whom I am going to be safe , 

Only If Love could have his respect, But Time always has a different story to tell. 


 Bird from India flew a lot of times to Europe and did journeys with a lot of birds from India showing and sharing how other birds live in this part of the world, A world which was never his own was now becoming his home, 

Lost and sad he always made his way to the same old places and memories, 

The bird from Zarnesti lived a life in a cage always looking out to what's happening in the life of Bird from India. 


Someone Truly Said - Connections made by God can't be broken and their hearts are connected forever,

Both birds always found a reason or way to talk or see each other to keep the connection alive, 

The Cage master said NO, but God never made a master or key to anyone's heart and ain't no cage in the world where you can keep a heart locked, 

Follow the heart - She said and the bird from India flew again on his own to Zarnesti to enjoy summers in Mountains only to discover MORE and MORE ...... 


From Orthodox Easter to Winters to Summers, Zarnesti was always calling for more, 

Zarnesti is becoming a new home - A Home away from Home. The Love for mountains, The Peace, The People, Beautiful Houses, A world so different from his own, 

Sometimes Bird from India sits among woods while hiking in those beautiful mountains - Blessed are those who get to experience nature so closely, 

God introduced him to a beautiful world and blessed him with a spiritual connection with a family from Zarnesti, 

ALL Love which was to go for someone else went to someone else, 

Sometimes all you can do is Laugh on jokes of Life, What Both Birds started from, Nothing. And now Life has given them both so many stories, 

The Bird from India was among the mountains and hiked to places of which both birds shared stories off, 

He like a bird flew in Piatra Craiului National park which was becoming a playground of his own, 

The paths in the park were becoming new roads to ride bike, 

The evenings were becoming long sessions meeting new people, learning cultures, food and family get together's, 

Mornings were beautiful and fresh, From Temples to Churches God has always been close, 

The dream of connecting cultures was becoming real, 

A feeling of finding your own home among nature was becoming so much real, 

Barbeque he made with the family unknown, Love he got like a child of their own, 

Romanian he learned, cooking he learned, bikes he rode, mountains he hiked, 

A world which was never his was now becoming his new home. 


Sometimes we just have to let life flow without thinking about what is going to happen tomorrow,

The Bird from Zarnesti sat in cage thinking of the contract with the cage master, 

She said the contract was always there, Now it's just legal, Such is Life. 


Life Moves ON, Time has a different and beautiful story to tell. 

Time spent in Zarnesti was precious to Bird from India only an Indian can understand, 

When you get something in Life which you never saw, It's a blessing from God, 

Love is like a blessing from God too and that's the reason he worked hard to never let her go, 

But what could he had done when the other bird was so scared to fly out of the cage and live a dream of her own, 

Still, she called herself the bird from Mountains. 


God Bless Both the Birds. They are Living with very different stories.

Bird from India lives with a dream of a time when he will return to his new home, 

Play and ride bikes in his new playground, 

Talk, Share and make new moments with a new family in his new home, 

Sometimes God just gives you so much you feel everything is like a dream, 

In the end it's all because of the bird from Zarnesti to whom the bird from India followed and finally, he found a place which gives him a feeling like home. 

Love & Peace

A dream of making a home in the mountains is becoming real, 

Who Knows? Nobody Knows. 


Time has a beautiful story to tell. Follow the heart. 


"Travel for Love and Love for Travel takes you to places and you connect with them forever "

"This time the birds did not meet as well...SAD but this is Life"

"Everything in Life happens for a reason and whatever happens, happens for the best of all world's"

Follow the Heart - She said...In return, she forgot to follow her's


"Travel to Discover"  


Jain - Iordan

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