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Day Trip to Rasnov & Bran Castle


Life gives you best gifts when you follow your heart thinking something beautiful is waiting for you.

Going to Romania was one of those decisions.Before leaving I had no idea about the country, no plan nothing only my curiosity to know what I had been reading,hearing and watching from last 2 years about this country but deep down I already knew where I was going.It was a different feeling. 


The plan was not to travel but to celebrate Easter at a friends place and to spend time explore the beautiful Piatra ranges in Carpathian mountain but Life had a different plan which had lot of travel in it.


Plan to Rasnov and Bran was very random .I got up and went to meet my hostel friend Sorina and asked what should I do today ? She very randomly said do Rasnov and Bran and I had no clue to where I was heading.

Rasnov is a town in Brasov County around 15 km away from the city and very famously known for the Rasnov Citadel. You need to hike a little to reach the citadel as its on a hill. The hike comes with beautiful views of the ciy and the surrounding mountains. All the time during the hike i was thinking where in the world am I .....The views were amazing - mountains all around,  peaceful - the weather was sunny with light cold breeze blowing which made going up to citadel more fun- A perfect day it was. After a climb of 30 min when I finally reached the citadel - What I saw was priceless -- I was stunned by the natural beauty that surrounded me - Mountains - Mountains and more Mountains. The very beautiful Carpathian mountain on which I have been tripping on for such a long time. 

Emotions ran through - tears of joy -- I sat on a rock enjoying what I was witnessing-- In that moment I really missed someone. I was looking at the mountains like a child far beyond my eye reach dreaming what amazing view would be from that mountain top. Magical it was , something I had not dreamt , never imagined but everything was real and It happened and will stay with me for the rest of my life.Looking back today all I can say is - Different time - Beautiful time - Great Memories.

Sometimes having no plan is the best plan.

After spending good time at Rasnov Citadel I was on my way to the very famous Bran castle.The 60m-tall Bran Castle, sometimes mistakenly called 'Dracula's Castle', is spectacular and one of the country's leading attractions. It was built by Saxons from Brasov in 1382 to defend Bran pass against the Turks. The castle is on top of a hill and comes with a long and beautiful  history. A must visit for an experience. The view are breathtaking of the Bran city from the top.After exploring  Bran castle. It was time for some Romanian souvenir  shopping and I head to the Bran market just outside the entrance to Bran castle.

The time spend at the market was very different to what I was doing the whole day.I  got a chance to meet people of Romania who were selling souvenir and had small shops. Old men and women were managing the shop - It was tuff to see them working at this age which is very rare in my country. I sat with them, I bought some stuff , clicked few pictures, we laughed together and La Revedere we said to each other .


Rasnov and Bran were amazing . A great day it was.I was going through mixed feelings ,happy as I had not thought my day would turn out to be like this and at the same time felt bad as my friend with whom I share such a big passion for travel was missing from the scene and that too when I was traveling in her own country. 


I so wish Life could have a back gear and I could do the whole trip again. Beautiful journey.


Thanks to Sorina ,Centrum Hostel . Beautiful Rasnov & Bran #Multumesc #TeIubesc

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