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Puri -The Soul of India


Puri is small city on the coast of Bay of Bengal in Orissa and also one of the CharDhams for Hindu religion.This city is of great significance in Hindu religion not for one but for a lot of reasons but above all the temple of "Lord Jagannath" -- the creator of Universe.


He is the one...Lord Jagannath..."The Almighty"--he has a plan for everybody..after visiting this place I felt..this place is only for destined to be here.....

If this place is in your destiny ...

He will Call you....He will call you...


This place is blessed with purity,this  place will change you and will make a special place in your heart,you will question your very own existence in this world and the temple of Lord himself is breathtaking.


Within walking distance from temple you have .."Puri Beach" --I have never seen such a lively beach all across India --Children,family,candy sellers,camel rides,horse rides,ferry wheel ,big markets spreading across 10 km along the beach which sounds unbelievable but yes it is right.One of the best local markets I have come across.The whole atmosphere takes you to a different world where you got to live that very present moment.I have definitely left some part of my soul in Puri.Only if Words could express emotions.


Story does not end in Puri...

35 km away from Puri another surprise is waiting for you...The world famous Chandrabhaga Beach which is known for its Sunrise...Its the first place in the whole world where Sun God bestowed his light on Earth and it's a sight to see..It's not everyday when you see a sunrise with hundreds of people around you.The whole experience of watching it can't be expressed in words or captured in photographs.


It is also known as Golden beach why?? The very first ray that hit the water makes the whole water of Gold colour and when that wave comes to the's like a Gold wave is coming towards you and only few lucky are destined to see it.


Story does not end here also ..The first ray of Sun God goes and makes the 1st contact with Earth at the Sun Temple "KONARK" at the deity of Sun God which was 10ft below and now it is in Royal Albert Museum,London.


The whole world is dependent on Sun which is the ultimate source of energy and this is the temple of Sun God Konark.The very 1st ray of Sun goes 10 ft down ..unbelievable?? This temple speaks about "TIME" which sums up everything.This temple so beautifully explains you the meaning of Life and all through the journey which Sun God does in a day--There are three other statues of Sun God --Morning,Mid & Evening Sun and all speaks volumes of Time.


The people in Orissa are so down to Earth ,money no money is secondary deep down they already know that they all are blessed to be born in Orissa.They are happy with whatever they have -that's the best part I felt...Love & Happiness...Nights were an altogether different stories. Thanks Pink House for all the hospitality.Paradise in God's Paradise.


#Jai_Jagannath --Life Is good


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