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Charles bridge

No words are enough for this place you see it for yourself. Obviously the excitement of Charles Bridge is so much that you just want to go and see it.


Charles Bridge is one of the finest attractions in the city. It was built to connect the old town with the Prague Castle.The bridge is part of the most romantic places on earth. The bridge most of the time filled with people playing jazz music,artists,photographers.


The Bridge has got a lot of Baroque statues which makes it lot more artistic and the two gates at the end of Bridge are also worth noticing.

A stroll in the night with the woman you Love, what more do you want in life.

Prague-The Magical City in Czech Republic

Something happens to you when you go here-I Guess it's a pure beauty in Europe which will leave you - "Speechless!!!"
Petrin Hill & John Lennon Wall


Petrin Hill is a beautiful place in Prague, which gives you amazing panoramic views of the city. From the very starting,it was part of my itinerary as it gives you great shots of the whole city. The whole area is green and so peaceful and the calmness, it just makes you feel their is so much chaos in the world.


It is covered with trees, gardens and after a long day it becomes a perfect place to take a stroll and relax.


John Lennon Wall, symbol of Peace and Love for Prague the name says it all so it had to be seen.It is a very famous wall very close to Charles Bridge and they also have a pub with John Lennon's name.  This wall has been a significant symbol of Prague for years.  


Prague Castle & Old Town

When you take a walk on the Charles Bridge entering from Old town you see a castle on the right,that's Prague castle which is one of the most visited and again a main attraction for all people coming to Prague.


It is in fact the biggest castle in the world, famous for its courtyard, palaces and the top point gives you great views of the city.


The guards take care of the castle dressed in Czech uniform and people getting themselves clicked with them. They have a small and very beautiful Souvenir shop and a very small cafe at the castle which serves good coffee.


Thanks Hostel Santini Prague

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