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Paris - 2014 to 2016 . City is same - Time and People Changed.Time changes everything only memory remains – 


I still remember the very 1st night 7th Jan'14 when I landed in Paris around 10 pm the minute we landed ,  I just took off from the airport to Eiffel tower without knowing a thing about the city – Did not knew a single word of French – Whole night out on the street -- when my friend said to me Bro Paris is dangerous and I laughed – Bhai Kya karne aaya hain yaha –We are here to Travel . All I had a dream was to travel in Europe – meet people - learn – chill - see as much as I can - know more about Europe -make memories - and come back home peacefully but that didn't happen - God had a different plan - He introduced me to a very beautiful person who gave me a meaning for travel - we laughed - travelled - exchanged world's - exchanged family then everything changed.  


I came back to Paris looking for 2014 in 2016 like the same person I was. When I was leaving Paris in 2014 , I had tears in my eyes thinking will I return for this amazing person I have met in my life ,  will I ever get a chance to see her again –But Time is biggest story teller - after travelling for almost 2 years I stood where journey actually started  and the sad part was My friend who gave me this dream was actually struggling to follow her heart and join me in the journey which started because of her. What Iordon – I took so many flights for you – you were not able to take one. No worries. Peace


This time it was very different and calm- I just relived the past - Some days went by sitting at Trocadero thinking about Paris attacks and how last time was - happy I was - sat an enjoyed an ice cream - always do that  at Trocadero- A day went by walking from Champ De Elysses to Louvre missing the great conversations and luckily this time I got a chance to  spend some good amount of time in Paris Police station - Laptop got stolen and I laughed big time when I heard report for a laptop to police because in India we don't even think once when laptop gets stolen of going to Police - they are so busy handling different stuff - but I got to mention they treated me well though and thanks to french folks at hostel. After 8 hrs when finally my turn came to report - sad I was -thinking why all of this is happening -  but did not lose hope.This time in Paris I went through a lot - but no problem You got to take Life the way it comes to you. Good moments came too.


Paris has its own charms - Monmarte is still my favourite - this place is blessed with creativity - artist's all around , happy faces , lovers walking holding hands ,  I sat in one corner watching Time pass by and captured all of it with a small camera of mine like a child in a toy-store. 

Evening have always been very peaceful in Paris like  last time I went to Pere Lachais cemetry and this time I headed off to Monmarte cemetery - I love going to cemetry I have no clue why but they are most peaceful places to be in the world and places which remind once you will have no significance left only the people who really loved you will come to meet you. I spent a lot of time just by myself and also in company of a new friend of mine Indian but born and brought up in California, Los Angeles who only knew about Chennai and Hyderabad- he knows so less about his roots - Incredible people from India moved to different parts of the world - he was getting into medical school and would be giving his life for research - hope he gives something to the world - luck to him.

Journey was long and beautiful - A week more to go - I sat sad and depressed at the stairs of Sacre Coeur thinking A city so close to my heart with best memories has lost all its value to me and I dream of mountains of Brasov where I started my travel - gave me a sense of belonging and I said to my friend sitting beside me I want to go to Brasov and within 24 hrs I was on my way to Brasov.A feeling it was which I can't expressed - journey was long but gave me happiness - who says Impulsive decisions are wrong - they are the best decisions in Life because thats what you really want.

Hope I keep on taking impulsive decisions like this in Life - If we start planning everything in Life then life  will have no meaning. 

Paris again said to me - Follow your heart Naman and A gift from God awaits for you. Hope I soon visit Paris - this time I will be dancing on very different tunes and for sure Happy  I will be. Dreamer I was . #ESCRennes #Paris #2014 #2016 #TeIubesc #Multumesc

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