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Madrid-Days are long Nights are more longer!!!

Royal Palace

Royal palace was the first place I visited in Madrid I don't know why but i was really impressed by it's architecture and whole design ,so I wanted something that should surprise me and I can start my day with something different and I was no doubt surprised it's a place to be in Madrid, big garden next to it and so much around it to see you cannot stop yourself strolling.


I went inside and you have so much to capture but unluckily no camera's was allowed inside.

Plaza mayor

It's another place I went as it was close to my hostel where I stayed .It's very close to Puerta del Sol which is the centre of Madrid.


It's a beautiful place filled with cafes people performing everywhere dressed in all kinds of superheroes.

I just sat there and enjoyed the whole view for around 1 hr capturing as much as I can.


Time just stands still for sometime. It was great to be in madrid.The whole city is just filled with energy and Puerta del Sol also gives you the same vibe,Spanish music people dressed in local dresses,street art.The city to be.

Madrid by night

The city just glows in the night one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.I was amazed, you are not able to recognize places that you have visited during day time.


I took a bus ride in the night at around 10 and the whole city looked so different I did not believe whether I was in the same city.


The Metropolis building ,puerta del sol area and nightlife starting from pubs,clubs,music shows,performance's,it starts late and end's in the morning people surely know in Madrid how to party.


Thanks Way Hostel Madrid



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