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London 5th May 2016 - Big Dreams - ESC Rennes 


I waited and worked hard for that 1 single moment for 8 months - 1 single moment .....Big Dreamer I was

I always use to feel whenever their is Love their is Hope and its the best thing to have in Life but In reality - it takes away your life. I am a positive person who talk and share experience.


London chapter was a mix of so many events. This city will be remembered for Life - A big event happened.I was lost in this mad and beautiful city -From Brasov mountains to full cosmo city. You need pounds lot of pounds - but my reasons were different more focussed on Dreams & Love & Connections. 


I still remember sitting in my room in Rennes in April'14 and introducing my friend to one of the acoustic song played by the band " Above & Beyond " at Porchester hall,London in 2014 and as we were listening to that song - In that moment I said "Hope one day I attend a concert with her of Above & Beyond"

and that day in reality came after 2 years 5th May'16 - Above & Beyond Acoustic Concert II - at Royal & Albert Hall.What happened on that day is another story. 

In London I stayed at my sisters place Anchal Jain & her two lovely daughters Aarika and Anaya and my sis husband Kshitij Jain.The family hosted me with full heart , they shared their Life with me , gave me confidence - thanks for all the support Anchal di. I love you I promise will return to London but Stronger and Better. 

I had not planned anything in London and had no idea where to go - I spent most days walking for hours and hours just imagining and occupied with my own thoughts - looked for jobs - talked to people looking for some India travel- All doors closed , nobody returned calls. 

In simple words "Lost I was -"  I left for Brussels with no clue where I was heading - Time was waiting for more harsh turns. 

London - Better be good next time - 5th May'16 has gone down in history under your name. I followed my heart - God had another plan for me.  Next time will return again for Acoustic -III 

I still don't know when she wanted to come to the concert Why She Din't came - Nobody knows . 

"There's a thing called love that we all forget
And it's a wasted love that we all regret
You live your life just once
So don't forget, forget about a thing called LOVE"-
Above & Beyond

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