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dragoste cu română

"The deepest form of Love is curiosity" - Iordan

Never ever we imagined - that even something like this can happen in life but life is beautiful and very unpredictable - who had knew 2 people who met in Rennes,France '14 during erasmus programme one from India and other from Romania sitting at one of the cafes in Paris very randomly talking about travel in Brasov & the beautiful Piatra Craului ranges in Zarensti would one day be walking , laughing , hiking ,making memories among the very beautiful city Brasov & Piatra Craului ranges and that too on the most important festival for Romanians "Orthodox Easter".Everything was very much real and like time just went like a flash. 

Romania is an incredible country and makes it more incredible with the amazing people and culture it has to offer you. I met so many people Sorina,Mihaela & Alex in Brasov at centrum Hostel who helped me so much in planning my travels or people in Rasnov & Bran who helped me reaching my destinations when I walked for hours looking for a ride or my friend from Italy with whom I did the trip to Peles Castle who helped me more to understand European mindset or my friends from Denmark with whom I did a road trip to Balea Lak who made me realized good people are just round the corner all we need to do take that 1st step and last but not the least My friend Iordan -  with whom I celebrated Easter - My reason of being in Brasov. I followed my heart and in return I got lots of Love  & beautiful memories from whole Romania. The country is blessed with natural beauty, the incredible carpathian mountains stay with you like your soul mate.They will amaze you with different shades of beauty and if you are a mountain person you will connect more Love for hills.

To train from Bucharest to Brasov to beautiful Black Church to Rasnov citadel to hours of walking to reach Bran castle to spending time with Old people at Bran to hiking in Tampa Mountain to taking impulsive decisions to catching last minutes trains to Zarnesti to following my heart for going in Piatra Craului ranges by myself and finding u are not alone to celebrating Easter in cemetery to Orthodox Churches to Peles Castle with Italian friend to meeting Raj Kapoor Romanian fans to road trip to Balea Lak with Denmark Friends to attending graduation ceremony in Sibiu to knowing someone roots to that Impulsive decision from Paris to Brasov to home like peace in Zarnesti to Carpathian mountains to laughs we shared to never ending conversations to beers to hugs of warmth to beautiful stories to beautiful smiles to hope to family I don't know but still feels mine to friendship to humanity and last but not the least connecting Cultures to travel to Love to dreams to happiness. 

Today I look back connecting the dots thinking if I hadn't met her would I have been really there or had I done the same journey which i did in last 2 years or would I have celebrated Orthodox Easter like my own family festival or would I have felt Brasov as my own city or dreamt of majestic mountains in Zarnesti like my own home.Who knows nobody knows.Time is the biggest story teller. Follow your heart.

#Mutlumesc #Romania #TeIubesc

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