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Darjeeling-Paradise in India

Darjeeling--Sweet Memories


Life is beautiful and looks more beautiful when you are with the people whom you love.

It's been 12 yrs now I left boarding school but everything still feels the same ..My Mom & Dad coming to meet me in boarding school and taking me on vacations and this time also like one of those trips we were off to Darjeeling-highest hill station in India.


Darjeeling was where family was meeting after good 3 months.A very beautiful town in the himalayan foothills,you have magnificent views of Kanchenjunga peak ,the weather was chilly because of Feb month , people are amazing ,positive vibes and fresh air surrounded us from all corners and on top of that when you are meeting your family after good long 3 months it's a feeling undefined.


We went to a lot of places in Darjeeling starting from the very famous Japanese temple which is a Buddhist temple founded by Fujii Guruji whose picture is also kept inside.On the right of temple you have Peace Pagoda.The Peace Pagoda is an embodiment of Lord Buddha that radiates peace and non-violence. It purifies the land as well as the mind and soul of the people.Here you have various avatars (postures) of Lord Budhha kept in circular form (parikrama) and standing on top you get panoramic views of Mt.Kanchenjunga .


Later during our day we also visited to the very famous Himalayan Mountaineering Institute which is a pioneer institute in world and it's worth visiting ,here you have all information about Mt.Everest and about Sir.Tenzing Norgay or Sherpa Tenzing his climb to Everest.A Himalayan lover who understands the value of it will understand what it means.

Darjeeling has beautiful local markets and they are for sure not to be missed --specially New market at the end of Mall road.


Last but not the least apart from the food and cakes we ate at Glen's one of the oldest bakery in Darjeeling is the sunrise view from Tiger Hill -- priceless..The sun rising from one end and at the other end you have sun rays hitting Mt.Kanchenjunga making the whole scene unbelievable.Our Darjeeling travel ended with a powerful breakfast at Hotel Sinclair,one of the oldest hotels in Darjeeling and we were all set to roll towards our next destination Gangtok.


"Darjeeling -A very beautiful town"


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