Budapest - Prague - Berlin - Amsterdam 

"The deepest form of Love is curiosity" - Iordan


Travelers: Inderjit Yadav, Pankaj Londhe, Supriya Srivastava, Priyanka Asati & Hardik Shah 

Where to start and where to finish, like all other trips this trip also ended up giving us all so many moments to cherish for Lifetime. 

Budapest to Prague to Berlin to Amsterdam has been special because of the amazing people who joined the trip - we met these 5 travelers for the first time in Budapest and what came ahead was a long beautiful trip with all of them. Walking tour of the city got us along well and what followed was Szimpla Kert to more streets to more night walks. Old world war ruin bars and the never-ending Jewish quarter. Bus tours to small fun between travelers to jokes on a walk , all got us connected and then it was a trip among friends.

Prague - true love - a city for lovers at heart - pub crawls are fun, dance your way through the night, Charles bridge to Oldtown to Upper town to views from Prague Castle to tours of the castle to missing of train rides between Budapest and Prague to whole lot of fun. Prague was quick as always and leaves you the most memorable of all - Cheers to Hardik, Pandeji and Asati Ji for Prague, one the best lunches and conversations.

Berlin is always a quick stop with lots to explore in this super amazing city and this time we were super lucky as a national holiday for Germany and Oktoberfest both coincide and the city was exploding - war memorials to parliament to east side gallery and lastly to party at Love Base and to stories at St.Christopher Berlin , always fun to be back. 

Amsterdam, Last stop heading back and back to this city is always a pleasure, you get to meet your friends and share with fellow travelers what this city is all about. To the lovely canal tours to hostel chilling to coffeeshops to Zaanse Schans to Adams lookout in rain to exploring Jordaan to never-ending walks of the city. 

Last night farewell drink at Uptown and final group pic says it all - it's been one the happiest trips ever. Cheers to Inderjit, Priyanka, Supriya, Pankaj and Hrishi for making this trip super spectacular. 

We were happy that everyone walked back with a lot of memories at their end and that's what matters. Memories stay forever. Happy that we have this trip as a chapter in our small journey. Love for travel connects the world. Connecting Cultures. 


Thank's again to all travelers who joined us on this beautiful journey. It was indeed a pleasure to meet you all.

Love - Travel to Discover - Everything happens for a reason.


The deepest form of Love is curiosity  - Iordan

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