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Brussels-The European Village

Apart from Choclate and beer this city has so much to offer.
Grand Place

The Grand Place is the central square of the city of Brussels which is the capital of Belgium.It is considered as one of the most beautiful places of the world.It is surrounded by guild houses,the city hall and Maison du Roi.The whole place has lot of restaurant's at the side of street's and view in the night is just magnificent.

People who come to Brussels always make sure they go to Grand place first.In that area, they have Gothic tower which is called town hall and also guildhalls.The place is always filled with tourists.People taking pictures and lot of other things a sight worth watching!!!!

Place Royale & Views of City Centre Brussels from top & Infantry Memorial

The infantry memorial stand as a symbol to honour the foot soldiers who fought for Belgium in World War I and World war II where it's written "salus patriae suprema lex" which means "Salvation for our country is the highest law".

Belgian Beer's,chocolates are not to be forgotten and big parks too.It's a very beautiful city and peaceful city.Apart from that there are many points in Brussels from where you can have a top view of the city and you see people all around with their maps and taking pictures of this stunning city.


Mannekien-Pis & Royal Palace.


Manneken-Pis which is a very famous symbol for the whole of Europe which gradually became an image and symbol of the Brussels folklore, representing the joy of the inhabitants and their capacity for self-mockery.

The Royal Palace is no doubt one of the most beautiful buildings in Belgium and is a must watch close to Royal Park.It's the place where the King and Queen of Belgium still reside.


Thanks- Way 2 Go Hostel ,Brussels.

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