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Brasov, Romania - You called me again and I was so happy to be back alone.3rd visit to Brasov. Followed the heart like 1st time.A spontaneous decision - Dubrovnik to Zagreb to Vienna to Bucharest to Brasov.


Let's go back to the start - Where to start from - it feels like yesterday that we were literally there, standing in rain at the main street Strada Republici looking for Hostel Brasov Centrum in the middle of night around 1 in the morning , Bucharest airport, smiles & tears, train from Bucharest to Brasov, #LIFE, I still remember to take shade from rain we both stood outside a building which I now know very well.The hostel Centrum is home in Brasov, The Tampa mountain is evening walk to a beautiful sunset, Bistro del Arte is writing and food place, new friends but still you miss the one who is the reason behind all of this.


How Life Changes and sometimes you just connect with a world unknown and Brasov was never mine - All I carried was lot of Love in my heart all the way from India when I first reached this city way back in 2016 April and the connections I made with the city were so strong that now you know you have a long road ahead with this city.A Home away from Home.Love for someone else went to someone else.Looking back it feels everything is happening for a reason and God has a beautiful plan, so Follow the Heart.


Brasov as always is perfect. The Heart of Transylvania surrounded with the beautiful Tampa Mountain, the hustle bustle of Council Square where locals and tourists meet, A walk along the Strada Republici and food at one of many hidden cafes & restaurants is another fun part of this small city. 


A city holding so much of history from Romans to Germans to Ottomans to Has-burgs.The beautiful Council Square and the Black Church says it all.A free walking tour really gives you great insight about this beautiful country Romania, how the Romanians are and magic of Brasov. 


The days went by working and taking rest.Afternoons went by in Lazy Lunches at Bistro del Arte thinking how time flew and exchange of Life happened over a period of time. Evenings went by in walking tours, hiking mountains to get mind-blowing views of the city to epic sunsets to meeting new people at the hostel, sharing stories to making new ones and above all making memories of a lifetime.


Brasov is becoming a big hub for a lot of travelers.People are coming from different parts of the world.I could feel the change that this city has gone through in last 2 years.Hope it never becomes another Bucharest.


Hope time has a beautiful story to tell.

We will meet soon Brasov, Until next time.

Multumesc- Te Iubesc


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