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Brasov, Romania - One of the best cities in the world-- Will return soon .

I had never thought in any of my dreams that One day I would ever be backpacking Romania but as people say Destiny it is .I truly believe our life unfolds on the basis of decisions we take.

Visit to Brasov has a little story to it .Let's go a little back in time .I came to Europe 1st time in 2014 to study in ESC Rennes,France and while I was studying in Rennes and at the same time backpacking across West Europe I met a very beautiful person from Romania - A big traveler  and photographer herself Iordan. It was she who introduced me to Brasov telling me about mountains , culture of the city , natural landscapes etc and that was when I actually came to know about Brasov and after that when I personally read about this city I got inspired and of-course love for travel the biggest connection got me to Brasov & Zarnesti and with passing time trip to Brasov happened and today when I look back connecting the dots -- not only Brasov but my whole travel in Romania has given me the best memories of my life and on top of this it was more special because it happened on big festival for whole Romania "Orthodox Easter"  which is celebrated for Jesus’ resurrection from death.

Life is so surprising - You don't know what's coming your way -- Few moments can change everything.


Travel Brasov : It has everything for all profile of travelers and  paradise on Earth for all nature lovers. The city is surrounded by Tampa ranges which is part of Southern Carpathian mountains of Romania.The people who want to explore the Transylvanian region making Brasov as base is perfect and you can explore places nearby.It's the center of country and a city very rich with culture , food , tourist activities. Taking an accommodation at the main str. Republici is probably the best idea. To know the city you can start with a walking tour at 6pm in evening which happens everyday from Council Square close to Black Church.

Visit to the Black Church is a must  (Entry-9 Lei) the church boasts a great history and architecture. You can hike up to Tampa mountain for panoramic views of the city totally worth it.In Evening you can head to St.Nicholas Orthodox church very beautiful indeed. Museums are always a good way to start your travel - Visit to History museum in council sqaure building (Entry-ard 8 Lei) , You can also pay a visit to Museum with artworks from Romania. 

When it comes down to food you have lot of amazing restaurants on the republici strt and small - small cafes tucked into narrow streets.People are really nice and almost everyone speaks english. Brasov is a very beautiful city. Hope I return soon.


Multumesc- Te Iubesc

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