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Barcelona has got so much to offer it becomes difficult to soak everything in.

Starting from the famous La Rambla's street a very famous street filled with shops,restaurant's,beautiful people admiring the architecture.The beach is very close to the street a 10-15 min walk to Barcelonata beach a beautiful place to relax where you will find people running,skating,surfing,reading and they have an open gym in between and lot of beach bars.


I went during end of April that time weather was not that good it's a little early best time is starting June but for summer's this city weather will just blow you away.If you are going there try getting a place near La Rambla street.


A beautiful City -one of my favorite's.If someone's says I didn't like Barcelona, Don't believe him -Just Go!!!!

FC Barcelona 

I met so many people during my travel but ain't no comparison to Spanish, their Heart beat's for football and why not man they have lived with this game from the very beginning... you talk to anyone literally anyone they are just so passionate for this game and Yes if you want to see Barcelona as a city you have to watch a match there and you will come to know, it's a celebration at an all together different level.


FC Barcelona is the name of Football team of Barcelona and they have a stadium called NOU CAMP and they also have a museum of FC Barcelona which talks about the history of the team.This place is a must watch for everyone if you really want to know the history of football.It gives you a little different feeling knowing what the whole city loves more than everything else.

As a City -Incredible


I was told by one my friend ,that Naman dude if you are going to Barcelona even a week is less.I agree to it.


It is one of the most visited places in the whole of Europe and I am sure you will cherish all the memories that you will make after visiting this place.Talking about the Pablo Picasso Museum which is closed on Monday's so don't make a mistake like me,La Sagrada Familia an epic piece of work of Gaudi Architecture or you talk of nightlife starting from good clubs to great Beaches they are all over the place .


They have an excellent transport connectivity and on top of that you have crazy hostel's- mine was.


Thanks Kabul Backpacker Hostel.

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