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Amsterdam-The City Of Hope

Coffee shops,Canals,Hostel's,Red Light Area,Museums,Dam Square,Bike Ride,Night Walks,Nightlife,Concerts and People.

Amsterdam-This city needs no explanation and is always on top of the list of people visiting Europe.

As we know it is the capital city of the Netherlands and is one of the most visited places in the world.People from all over the world come here for so many reasons and why not because this place gives you whatever you want to do on a holiday.


I call it the city of hope  because this city is so full of energy all the time.Here I never felt that there is something which is called tomorrow all they know is present.I was here for 6 days and met so many people and in no time they became my friends.

Dam Square & Amsterdam Architecture

Dam Square is a town square in Amsterdam.It's the historical centre of Amsterdam.It is just 5 min walks from Central Station and is always jostling with locals,tourists .There is a pigeon filled area in there where you see kids playing all the time.


Amsterdam architecture has traditionally been talked about in Europe whether it is about their bridges or luxurious canal houses.


Thing to notice in Amsterdam you will find houses very narrow as they were taxed on frontage so they use to make their houses vertically -the way people look after their houses is worth noticing.

Amsterdam by Night

The streets are filled with people and Red Light Area becomes a hot spot for obvious reasons "Women" and the area is also very beautiful.It looks so beautiful you cannot just avoid walking and getting lost .It's a must watch place if you go to Amsterdam.


The Leidseplein area is also full of people as it has a lot of cafes and Club Paradise is definitely to look out for.

If you are a party person, Amsterdam will surely not disappoint you there are lots of good club's at


Rembrandtplein playing different kind of music.


A big thanks to "Flying Pig Downtown Hostel" near Central Station

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