Vallam Kali is a traditional boat race in Kerala, India. It is a form of canoe racing, and uses paddled war canoes. It is mainly conducted during the season of the harvest festival Onam in autumn.

Alleppey – Vallam Kali --- I am sure, like myself, all of you must have seen those really long boats in movies in your childhood days and wondered about ever exploring this god’s heaven on earth – Kerela. Well, I get to say that now - I witnessed Kerela boat festival and loved every moment of it. This trip can be described in one word – dreamy!! Watching boat race with people from different cultures, crowd going insane cheering – it was captivating and thrilling. If that got your adrenaline pumping, watching sunset in backwaters was equally mesmerizing. In times like these, you realize the value of nature and how it attracts you towards itself. Then comes the after party hosted by Jay at Mandala Cafe right at Alleppey Beach. Let me just go ahead and say god was in a great mood that night. Dark clouds & Heavy rains made us very happy and by us I mean - Johnson, Sudhi, Jay, Nanni, Peter, Mariyam and me ofcourse. We sat right there for hours listening to the music of nature and everything one stating it out loud “What A Life". It was one moment to experience and I miss it !!! The trip came to an end with a little sightseeing in Alleppey. We saw beautiful churches, local markets and perfect traffic sense which you hardly get to see in other parts of India. If you want to experience what I did, just hire an auto and head towards Marari beach, enjoy the local street, sit at the beach and watch one of the most beautiful

sunset in the world—Cheers, as I say, for the love of travel!!!

This story belongs to the most beautiful people I met during the festival Jay,Sudhi,Peter,Nanni,Mariyam and Mr.Johnson and Alleppey Vallam Kali Boat festival.
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