Jaipur - Mayo College, Ajmer  - Pushkar - Jaipur - 23rd Nov'17 to 29th Nov'17

Lifetime of memories - Journey back to where it all started -  " Rajasthan "

A sweet travel - Meeting yourself at a place where it all started in the year 2000 - catching up with your batchmates after 17 years , meeting everyone you can who has been part of the journey and has a role to play in your life , then heading to meet the family in Jaipur who was there taking care of you when you were a child and your parents were away , meeting your brother after 3 years , friends after 3 years, celebrating marriage of a friend who met his love on Backpack Norway trip, making new connections with curious souls & sharing what we have in our own ways and making a road for future, a bond which we will cherish for the times ahead. 

A travel where you connect Past - Present - Future. Retracing your path is very important in life - It gives you a lot of answers.

Marriage - Kartik Jain & Rachita Arya 
Family - Sandeep Sethi , Prerna Jain , Kashvi Jain , Shaurya Jain 
Brother & Sister in law - Umang Jain & Archi Jain
Friend - Punit Kalani 
Mayo batchmates - Rajiv Singh, Shiraz Ellis, Shakti Singh, Anirudh Singh Rajawat


"Happiness is real when Shared"

The deepest form of Love is Curiosity - Iordan 

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