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Ferrara to  Zarnesti - A Journey to know the Past

Long walks - Ferrara
Piatra Craiului Mountain Range
Home away from Home
Cemetery Walks I - Zarnesti
Cemetery Walks II - Zarnesti
Little by Little one walks far
Prapastii Zarnesti
Piatra Craiului National park
Morning View from Rasnov Citadel
Enroute Rasnov to Zarnesti
Sunsets - Zarnesti

Ferrara to Zarnesti 


Life is beautiful and when you start following your heart it becomes more beautiful. 

 This time the road to Zarnesti goes through Ferrara and reaching to this place has a beautiful story of two birds one from India and other from Romania. This time the journey was more tuff , different and painful but Bird from India had promised the other bird one day I will come to Ferrara.


"Two Birds - Ferrara to Zarnesti"


The deepest form of Love is Curiosity - She said.....Bird from India flew to know more of her world, 

Where to start from it's been a long-missing,

Let's go a little back in time, open some doors and go for a long walk,


April'16 Paris - where the bird from India was waiting for the other bird to come, 


After a month-long journey in Europe bird from India had reached the end,

Sad & lost he was but still high on hope thinking the other bird will come to see him, He wanted to see her one last time before leaving for India,

He was waiting at the Paris airport for a final goodbye where they had left 2 yrs back saying we will meet again,

Only If Love could have his respect he would have walked away in peace,

But Life has it's own way of making you happy and sad, 

One time it gives you so much Happiness and other time it gives you so much pain,

She did not come to see the bird only for reasons she only knows,

The whole journey of the last 2 years came crashing in the city where it all began, 

He had no answers to give to his family back home all he had questions,


Lost and sad he left from Paris - Losing Love where it all began,

Sadness was not about leaving alone - Sadness was he took a stand for her in front of family, 

Dream of connecting two worlds got lost,

The story will unfold when she will fly to India like a curious soul only to know her perceptions are all wrong.


Both birds flew in different direction one going back to India and other back to Ferrara, 

While one was giving up on everything as he had lost the meaning of all, other was just lying alone, 

The bird invited her to come to India but she had a past which never let her go, 

She started making a wall between the two birds and society helped her more, 

Love & Friendship was going and hate was becoming a common friend to both, 

Her past became her present and she had again given up hope for birds to be together, 

The bird from India again became the reason for her to find her new self, 

She always kept saying - you come and take some part of my heart and destroy everything I create, 

Bird said I live each day in India thinking and dreaming of you how could I destroy anything of yours. 


Time has a different story to tell, 

While One bird was trying to keep the connection alive, the other was trying to break it more and more, 

Bird In India felt what in Life is happening - where did it all go wrong,

Bird asked What should I do? came the reply " Follow the Heart like you do", 

Bird had been working on going to Norway for a long time - A dream which he saw a long time back to realize with her,

While she was busy making the wall, Bird from India flew to Norway to realize a dream with people whom he hardly knew.


Time tells you such a different story,

There was a time when both were dying to meet each other when they were far,

And now when Bird from India was flying so often to her world she was calculating her life,  

The bird flew to Norway thinking all the good memories he could have made with the bird, It was when they were together in Paris this travel dream came naturally, 

A moment in Norway came when they fought like two mad souls and A moment came when they shared the most special moment together,

Bird from Romania could not hold herself back and guided the bird in Norway, 

Something was there between them - which kept them connected.


After Norway bird had no idea where to go and few more days to go before he does the journey back home, 

He flew to Ferrara only to look for answers he has been wanting for so long, 

The minute the bird reached Venice it reminded him again when these both time travelers walked the whole night like two mad souls, 

Train Journey's they took, Pizzas they ate, laughs they shared, smiles they shared, Everything was coming alive.


Finally, the bird reached Ferrara. 

It took the bird 2.5 years to reach this small magical city where the other bird had been living for so long and that too not alone, 

He was curious to know her past - Why she never came and after losing her to someone he was not scared anymore, 

The bird looked in all corners searching for the bird only to know she has gone to her home, 

The bird looked for her friends only to find all doors closed, 

Long walks he took alone imagining the life of Bird which she has been sharing with the bird for so long,

Time was less as the bird had to fly to Zarnesti - A home of one and where other was finding home.


Romania was becoming a new home, It was a natural connection,

Dream of connecting families was the dream bird saw when he last visited this heaven for Orthodox Easter,

He flew from Romania last time with a feeling of being part of the new home, 

The minute bird reached Bucharest - It reminded him how the two birds met last time at the airport only to share smiles, kisses, and tears, 

The journey to Brasov reminded him of all the talks they did when they were together last time, 

He missed the warmth and smile of her other half, mountains along the way reminded him you are getting closer to home, 

He had some time left when he reached Brasov before he did his forward journey to Zarnesti, In the middle, he dropped by her favorite cafe in Brasov to which she introduced him last time when they were together only for few moments sitting and enjoying a beer after so long.


Finally, the bird reached Zarnesti.

Time is the biggest storyteller - What a time had come,

Both birds were broken when they left each other in Paris and now after so many years of pain & struggle when they both were few meters away they were separated by a wall and that too in the place where one had home and another one was finding a home, 

The bird from India staying with a family unknown even after knowing a family who once asked her to invite the bird home, 

The bird flew in the beautiful mountains to see her once only to know she is sitting in house calculating life, 

The bird from India like always had to return home, 

The family to whom he loves don't know he came and the family he never knew wants him to return for more, Such is life, 

Before leaving bird flew to the cemetery where both birds last met only to pray for her happiness and long life, 

A connection he made with a family unknown finding a reason to return for more, 

Life played a game with these two curious souls, 

The bird from India flew from Bucharest with a hope that Bird will someday realize the value of all. 

Time is the biggest storyteller of all.


"Travel for Love and Love for Travel takes you to places and you connect with them forever "

"This time the birds did not meet"

"Everything in Life happens for a reason and whatever happens, happens for the best of all world's"

Follow the Heart - She said...In return, she forgot to follow her's


"Travel to Discover"  


Jain - Iordan

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