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Udaipur & City Palace

Udaipur or Venice of the east is in Rajasthan. It is the capita l city of Mewar kingdom founded by Maharaja Udai Singh which is also famous for it's Rajput Era.It's a great tourist destination in India and offers you great insight in the history of Sisodia clan which later became the princely state for British.


Udaipur has beautiful lakes and palaces all around which leaves you exploring and admiring.


City Palace built in various times is a series of palaces known for it's marvellous architecture.The present king Shri Arvind Singh Ji of Mewar still resides in the other part of City Palace which is not accessible to tourists.

Udaipur-The city of Lakes

Lakes Pichola and Fatehsagar,The stunning City Palace,Monsoon Palace,The Vinatge car collection,The local markets,Culture, Rajasthani Art work ,Architecture.....

Ghat's & Jagdish Mandir & Monsoon Palace


Gangaur ghat at Lake Pichola where every evening you can see a dance and music puppet show happening at Bagore-ki-haveli should me a must visit to know about the culture of Udaipur.


For spectacular views of City Palace visit Ambrai ghat which is more peaceful ,windy and you can also try food at Ambrai restaurant at Ambrai ghat.


Jagdish Temple an epic work of  Indo-Aryan architecture which is right in the middle of city.


Monsoon palace is atop the hill overlooking all the lakes known for beautiful sunset.It gives you panoramic views of Aravalli range.This palace is also known  as Sajjan Garh was once a chilling spot of Kings in summers.

Heritage & Culture & Sunset's

Udaipur was ruled by the Sisodia clan and after 1947 independence of Mewar kingdom came under Rajasthan state according to government of India.


It is known for various festivals.

Apart from that it's a beautiful city for watching sunset's and sunrise.Lake Pichola looks mesmerising when the sun is bidding goodbye -A breathtaking view.



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